Miners updateOct 01, 2023
    • bzminer-v17.0.0 (New coin: decred. Added support on Intel Arc GPUs for Decred, Rethereum. Added option restart_on_reconnect. Fixed hive not liking http/https in the pool urls (https is used by default if protocol is not specified). Fixed possible crash on Intel only rigs)
    • onezerominer-v1.2.5 (Hashrate/Efficiency Improvement on some gpus. Added new tuning parameter --nr: This is a per gpu option and is related to the number of rounds done in one iteration. Default is 1 and the values are 1,2,4 and 8. The best value for almost all gpus is either 1 or 2. Make sure you try both --nr 1 and --nr 2 and let the miner find the best --nt value to get a baseline. Note that higher --nr values might lead to more power fluctuations and higher stale shares)
Miners updateSep 29, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.6 (Added support for algorithm 'dynex' on NVIDIA GPUs. Performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' on AMD GPUs. Removed Dynex optimised dual kernels. Lowered devfee for algorithm 'ethashb3' to standard 0.85%. Added parameter '--busy-wait-recheck' which sets the NVIDIA/INTEL GPUs OpenCL busy wait recheck value per algorithm)
Miners updateSep 29, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.01 (Improved performance ETHB3. Added support for ETHB3+ZIL , ETHB3+ETH+ZIL and ETHB3+ETC+ZIL. Faster miner startup. Reduced stales in vertcoin,etchash,ethash,ethashb3,zil and kawpow algo. Fixed rejected shares bug in the vertcoin algo. Fixed a startup options code bug that could cause a crash. Fixed crash on rigs with more than 7 cards in dual and tripple mining mode. If --cl-devices is specified ignore the --nivida-only flag. Opencl is not supported on nvidia. Added --vtc-passwd --rvn-passwd and --ethb3-passwd to set passwords in dual and tripple mining mode)
Miners updateSep 25, 2023
    • rigel-v1.8.1 (Add mining support for the following coins: Ravencoin, Neurai, Clore, Neoxa. (IronFish) Minor performance improvements for <algo>+ironfish dual modes)
Dashboard updateSep 21, 2023
    • fixed errors in telegram notifications
    • fixed variables with big letter inside
    • adjusted low hashrate trigger
Miners updateSep 20, 2023
    • miniz-v2.2c (Added support for EthashB3 algorithm (Rethereum, RTH). Fee: 1%. Added support for EvrProgPoW algorithm (Evrmore, EVR). Fee: 1%. Removed DAG generation when mining ProgPow/Ethash fee, for most cases. Fixed issue when mining ProgPow/KawPoW that caused miner error. Fixed Zil issues when mining with Nicehash. Small improvements for RTX40XX GPUs for 125,4 (FLUX) and 144,5 (BTG, BTCZ,…))
Miners updateSep 17, 2023
    • rigel-v1.7.3 (Add RTH+IRON and RTH+IRON+ZIL mining support (see dual-rth-iron bat/sh script). Add ERG+IRON and ERG+IRON+ZIL mining support (see dual-erg-iron bat/sh script). Bug fixes: (ERG dual modes) Auto-tuner picks low dual ratios resulting in poor performance)
Miners updateSep 15, 2023
    • tt-miner-v2023.4.1 (fix: ox was not always working. new OC option to control gpu fan -oc-fan)
Miners updateSep 08, 2023
    • tt-miner-v2023.4.0 (new ALGO EthashB3 - Rethereum(RTH). new ALGO Sha3D - Kylacoin (KCN). support for Fulminare (FLMN). support for KiiroCoin (KIIRO). support for integrated GPUs (iGPU/ APU) - please use commandline option -igpu. support for CPU mining - please use commandline option -cpu. (SimpleMining for now not support stats for CPU Mining officiall). improved hashrate for all ProgPoW derivate algos and Sha512256D - Radiant RXD. support of the integrated GPU in Intel CPUs (checked on windows platform only - will work only on algos other than ETHASH. PROGPOW & GHOSTRIDER).
Miners updateSep 07, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.2.4 (Hashrate/Efficiency Improvement. Added new tuning parameter --nt. This is a kernel launch parameter and the value can be 1,2,4,8,16 or 32. This can be set per gpu just like OC options. Added an auto tuner for parameter nt. Revised atomic update failures to allow 5 minutes of running with no atomic update. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateSep 01, 2023
    • bzminer-v16.0.5 (Added rethereum + alph. Fixed rethereum + radiant duplicate/rejected radiant shares. Reduced stales on alph. Fixed rethereum + radiant auto intensity. Fixed --enable command line option)
Miners updateAug 31, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.99 (Added support for EthashB3 on nvidia (The ethereum restart project) Rethereum. 0.5% fee)
Miners updateAug 30, 2023
    • bzminer-v16.0.3 (Slight improvement to rethereum. Slight improvement to rethereum + radiant. Fixed rethereum hung gpu/crashing on nvidia 10 and 20 series cards. Fixed rethereum + radiant hung gpu/crashing on nvidia 10 and 20 series cards. Fixed rethereum rejected shares)
Miners updateAug 29, 2023
    • rigel-v1.7.2 (Add RTH+ALPH and RTH+ALPH+ZIL mining support. Improve RTH+RXD performance (30xx and 40xx GPUs). Improve ERG+RXD, ERG+ALPH, ERG+KAS performance)
Miners updateAug 27, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.98 (etc+zil, vtc+zil, rvn+zil rejected zil shares fixed. Rejected shares fix etc/eth for minerall.io,pool.ms,cruxpool.com, unmineable.com. Added support for two letter short options. Do not verify dag when mining zil. Small speedup in ZIL. Fix rejected stale in +zil mode)
Miners updateAug 26, 2023
    • bzminer-v16.0.2 (Optimized Algos: rethereum, rethereum + radiant, +zil, ergo, ergo + radiant, etchash, ethw, octa, canxium. Fixed potential rethereum crash on rx580)
Miners updateAug 25, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.5 (Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM on NVIDIA and AMD RDNA1/2/3 GPUs. Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'ethashb3'. Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex'. Lowered devfee for algorithm 'ethashb3' to 1%. Minor bug fixes)
Dashboard updateAug 24, 2023
    • NEW type of notifications on telegram. You will get alert when rig will have: missing GPU, too high GPU temperature, too many reboots, too low hashrate (10%+ by default), too many rejected shares(10%+ by default). You can also disable those notifications or adjust levels in top right corder User settings - Notifications
Miners updateAug 22, 2023
    • bzminer-v16.0.1 (Optimized Rethereum (Nvidia/AMD). Added Optimized Rethereum + Radiant)
Miners updateAug 21, 2023
    • rigel-v1.7.1 ((Rethereum) Add RTH+RXD and RTH+RXD+ZIL mining support)
Miners updateAug 20, 2023
    • bzminer-v16.0.0 (New coin: rethereum (1% dev fee). New coin: canxium (0.5% dev fee))
    • rigel-v1.7.0 ((Rethereum) Add ethashb3 algorithm (1% dev fee))
    • teamblackminer-v1.96 (Fixed RVN mining on many pools. Reduced rejected shares mulitcoin RVN pools. Nicehash. Fixed bug in shortoptions causing some scripts to fail. Fixed ssl mining on some pools)
Miners updateAug 18, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.4 (Added algorithm 'ethashb3' (RETHEREUM coin) support for NVIDIA GPUs. Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/SHA512_256D_RADIANT on NVIDIA and AMD RDNA1/2/3 GPUs. Added gfx906 (Vega VII) binaries for algorithm 'dynex' on newer drivers (tested on 22.40.6). Fixed gfx900 mining on algorithm 'dynex' broke in previous version)
Miners updateAug 17, 2023
    • nanominer-v3.8.5 (Fixed Conflux hashrate calculation on AMD RDNA GPUs; Improved Conflux real performance on AMD RDNA GPUs up to 20%; Imroved performance of VertCoin datafile creation up to 1000%. Default Zilliqa epoch is now 1)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.3 (Added algorithm 'ethashb3' (RETHEREUM coin) for GPU mining, fee 2% [AMD only]. Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' [Dynexcoin]. Bug fixes for algorithm 'dynex'. Minor bug fixes. ethashb3: NVIDIA support will be available in next release. dynex: Upgrading to this release is advised because of better mallob handling and other fixes)
Miners updateAug 16, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.2.3 (Added support for SSL/TLS. Pool urls now support ssl:// or stratum+ssl:// prefix to enable ssl. Added new option --no-cert-validation to skip SSL/TLS certificate verification. Added rejected shares monitoring to watchdog. Revised watchdog's issue handling. The miner does a full restart of mallob and pool connections on watchdog issues. Deprecated --max-no-job option since it is redundant and max-no-acc does the same job. This option is disabled in this version and will be removed in the next release. Added more dev pools and randomization of dev pool selection to reduce the load on pools servers. Fixed a bug that could freeze the miner on multiple mallob reconnections. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateAug 06, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.2 (Performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' [Dynexcoin]. Added parameter '--gpu-dynex-r' (performance tuning for algorithm 'dynex' - min 1, max 16). Removed auto tuner for algorithm 'dynex' [it was causing data reporting issues]. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateAug 01, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.2.2 (Minor hashrate improvement(~5%) on some gpus. Fixed an issue that could result in 414 errors on mallob re-connection. Improved overall stability on mallob re-connection. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJul 30, 2023
    • bzminer-v15.4.3 (New coin: gamepass. Improved rvn, xna, clore, meowcoin, neoxa hashrate on both Nvidia and AMD. Updated throttle option for per gpu/algo control (now used similar to oc_ options). Added --throttle1, --throttle2, and --throttle3 options for command line. Fixed rvn, xna, clore, meowcoin, neoxa out of memory bug. Fixed ergo out of memory bug. Fixed pool carryover stats on reconnects. Fixed kawpow crash on profit switching pools)
Miners updateJul 26, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.2.1 (Hashrate improvement mostly on 20xx and 30xx gpu series. Added a more robust file downloader with progress bar. Added ability to remove corrupted or unneeded job files)
Miners updateJul 24, 2023
    • rigel-v1.6.4 ((Ergo) Add ERG+ALPH and ERG+ALPH+ZIL mining support (see dual-erg-alph bat/sh script). Bug fixes: (IronFish) Miner frequently reconnects when mining to NiceHash. Miner stops logging if the log files are moved or deleted while it's running)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.1 (Updated algorithm 'dynex' to support dynexsolve 2.3.0 (new job types, FP64, etc.). Removed support for NVIDIA GPU's on algorithm 'dynex' [temporary]. Fixed dual ERG/ETC/ETH + SHA256DT kernels on some GPU's broken since V2.2.6. Minor bug fixes. Dynex: Nvidia support is temporarily removed due to lack of time - couldn't make it until July 27th. (Switch to dynexsolve 2.3.0))
Miners updateJul 19, 2023
    • bzminer-v15.4.2 (Further optimized CPU usage. Fixed possible crash with +zil oc switching. Added zil_gpus option. List of gpu indexes for which gpus to mine zil on. If not specified all gpus will mine zil. Fixed rvn, xna, clore, meowcoin, and neoxa dag gen issues (crashes, out of mem). Fixed 2miner, k1pool, f2pool on etc, octa and ethw))

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