Miners updateApr 19, 2024
    • qubic.li-client-v1.9.4 (optimized trainer handling. added possibility to configure cpu afinity. internal optimizations. Added new options to select your trainer. Minor Bugfixes. Native AMD GPU support - but not yet supported by SimpleMining)
Miners updateApr 16, 2024
    • lolminer-v1.87 (Fishhash: Significantly improved speed on AMD RX 470 - RX 590 series of gpus (by 30%), significantly improved speed on Nvidia CMP 170HX (by 8-9%). Fishhash: Implemented new DAG build procedure for Nvidia Turing and up gpus, that will build a valid DAG even on higher memory OC. This significantly reduces the number of defect shares in this situation. Pyrin: Improved Pyrin performance on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about 2%. Ton / Gram: Improved performance on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about 1-2%. Improved performance of Fishhash + Pyrin dual mining on Nvidia Turing and newer gpus by about +10% on the Pyrin side. Improved performance of Fishhash + Alephium dual mining on Nvidia Ampere and newer gpus by about -2% speed on Fishhash side, but +10% on Alephium side with auto tune, about +5% on Alephium side at same Fishhash speed with manual tuning. Added experimental support for Fishash + Gram / Ton dual mining for AMD Vega and VII GPUs. Might require manual setting of dual tuning ratio. The Ton job interface can now connect to pools or bridges using Ton mode 5 with http, so not enforcing https. Removed Blake3-Ironfish from visible algorithms. --algo IRONFISH will now redirect to FISHHASH. Fixed a bug causing the display of defect shares when mining Ton / Gram with very high difficulty. Fixed missing of Ton / Gram mining on AMD Tonga, AMD Fiji and RX 460 (Baffin) series of GPU. Was accidentally removed in a previous release)
    • teamblackminer-v2.23 (Added support for evrprogpow with dual/tripple mining modes. Faster kawpow/firopow. Improved the gpu failover code in dual mining mode. Improved the exit on gpu crash code)
Miners updateApr 16, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.1.1 (Ironfish: working again. Warthog: improved verus hashrate. Warthog: showing share difficulty. Warthog: http api providing janus score per device. Other small updates)
    • rqiner-cuda-v0.4.1 (implemented 0.4.2 CPU optimizations. This miner requires Beta SimpleMining image based on Ubuntu22 to work)
    • rqiner-v0.4.2 (implemented major optimizations improving performance by ~80%. This miner requires Beta SimpleMining image based on Ubuntu22 to work)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.20 (updated)
Miners updateApr 11, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.4.1 (fix issues with stack overflows)
Miners updateApr 10, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.4.0 with hotfix and rqiner-cuda-v0.4.0 (Compatible with Core epoch 104 changes. Optimizations for the new mining algo params)
Update v1362Apr 08, 2024
    • Fixed NVIDIA temp reading for NVIDIA driver 550.x
    • added CUDA 12.4 definition
    • Other small improvenments and cleanups
Miners updateApr 08, 2024
    • rqiner-cuda-v0.3.22 (Added CUDA version of miner for GPU mining. IMPORTANT: This miner requires Ubuntu22, so you have to reflash your rig with SimpleMining Beta image, that is Ubuntu22 based)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.2 (Added algorithm 'randomscash' [Satoshi Cash] for CPU mining, fee 1.00% Performance improvement on algorithm 'fishhash' for AMD Rx400/500 GPU's)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.19 (GPU: Added support for alephium for all gpus, including dual mining using --alph .. --alph_end)
Miners updateApr 05, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.0.3 (New Coin: warthog. Added option warthog_cpu_threads - Number of threads to use to compute the verus hashes. Default is 0, use number of cores available. Added option warthog_max_ram_gb - Amount of RAM to use to store sha hashes while cpu threads are calculating verus hashes. Default is 4gb. Value of 0 will use max ram minux 1gb. If not enough avaiable ram, will use available ram minus 1gb. if still not enough ram, will use available ram / 2. Added option warthog_verus_hr_target - Specify the amount of verus hashrate each gpu should provide to the verus workers. If all gpu's have a verus hashrate specified, calibration will be skipped. Hashrates are specified in hashes per second, and are separated by spaces. Default is 0)
    • nanominer-v3.9.1 (Fixed wrong reported hashrate ETC on some AMD GPUs)
Miners updateApr 04, 2024
    • teamblackminer-v2.22 (Removed rejected shares on epoc change KAWPOW/FIROPOW AMD. Improved autodetect AMD cards code. Option --ap not needed anymore. Reduced rejected shares on FEE thread changes KAWPOW/FIROPOW. Improved the miner code on gpu failure in dual mining mode. The program will now exit)
Miners updateApr 03, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.18 (optimized for vectorization - only arches that support AVX2 and BMI2 will benefit from this optimization)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.1 (Added support for AMD BC-250 Mining GPU's. DevFee for 'fishhash' algorithm lowered to 0.85%)
Miners updateApr 02, 2024
    • lolminer-v1.86 (Added support for FishHash including dual mining codes. Use -a FISHHASH to mine it. Fork for Ironfish will be April 2nd, 2024. Significantly increased Ton / Gram mining performance on all supported AMD GPUs. Removed old Fishhash testing codes. lolMiner will now accept --algo to be put in multiple times. The last occurrence will be the selected algorithm. Fixed a bug causing high amount of pool rejected shares with AMD cards and Gram mining)
Miners updateApr 02, 2024
    • nanominer-v3.9.0 (Supported IronFish on Nvidia and AMD GPUs: new FishHash algorithm and old IronFish algorithm too. Switch to FishHash should occur automatically when hardfork comes; Added support new AMD GPUs on all algorithms)
    • rqiner-v0.3.17 (Improved performance by ~25%. Added -x (--extended-reporting) for per-thread it/s reports. Minor optimizations)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.0 (Added algorithm 'fishhash' [IronFish] for GPU mining, fee 1.00%. Added support for dual mining FISHHASH/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM on AMD RDNA/RDNA2/RDNA3, NVIDIA. Added support for dual mining FISHHASH/BLAKE3_DECRED on AMD RDNA/RDNA2/RDNA3, NVIDIA. Added support for dual mining FISHHASH/SHA512_256D_RADIANT on AMD RDNA/RDNA2/RDNA3, NVIDIA. Added support for dual mining FISHHASH/PYRINHASH on AMD RDNA/RDNA2/RDNA3. Added support for mining 'yescrypt' algorithms on AMD gfx1100 GPU's (RDNA3). Auto setup (threads/affinity) for 'yespower' and 'yescrypt' algorithms on CPU should now work better. Removed support for AMD RX550/560 GPU's. Removed algorithm 'blake3_ironfish'. Removed algorithm 'xdag'. Removed parameter 'gpu-progpow-preload'. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMar 28, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.15 (Compatible with core epoch 102 changes)
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.8 (Fixes a bug in Kawpow that causes 'Invalid Shares' in certain, rare conditions. Improved DAG management for mining ETHASH or KAWPOW on a coin-switching pool like NiceHash and Zergpool. Allows faster DAG switching if the pool changes the destination coin. Checked Alephium/BLAKE3 mining on NiceHash. Improved Hahsrate for ETHASH & ETHASHB3)
SimpleMining images updateMar 27, 2024
    • SM-i072-6.1.57-3-a22.40.6-rf23.10.3-6.1.10-nv535.154.05-u20 (Updated latest stable image with small fix with very rare issue causing problems with partitions after power failure)
    • SM-i081-6.1.57-4-a22.40.6-rf23.10.3-6.1.10-nv550.67-u22 (Updated latest beta image with small fix with very rare issue causing problems with partitions after power failure)
Miners updateMar 26, 2024
    • rigel-v1.15.1 ((IRON) Add ironfish -> fishhash auto-switch, see this guide on how to set it up. (RVN) Report hashrate to mining pools)
SimpleMining images updateMar 26, 2024
    • SM-i080e-6.1.57-4-a22.40.6-rf23.10.3-6.1.10-nv550.67-u22 (New Beta image. Fixed AMD support problem with two previous beta images)
SimpleMining images updateMar 25, 2024
    • SM-i080d-6.1.57-4-a22.40.6-rf23.20.2-6.2.10-nv550.67-u22 (New beta image with newest NVIDIA drivers supoeted newest GPUs. WARNING: this and latest previous beta images hmay have problem with AMD support. Please us them only for NVIDIA for now. This iusse should be fixed in near days)
Miners updateMar 25, 2024
    • lolminer-v1.85-beta (Significantly improved Gram hashrate on AMD RX 5000 and higher cards by almost 10%. Added support for mining the Fishhash mainnet. New parameter -a FISHHASH. This will automatically use the new Ironfish stratum format that is mandatory after the fork. Supported GPUs: Nvidia GTX 1000 series and newer, AMD RX 5000 series and new. Supported dual mining options with Alephium (ALEPHDUAL), Gram (TONDUAL) and Radiant (RXDDUAL). Removed old Fishhash testing codes. Fixed a bug causing high amount of pool rejected shares with AMD cards and Gram mining)
    • rqiner-v0.3.14 (reduced memory requirement to ~10MB/thread. boosted performance ~30-50%)
    • xmrig-v6.21.2 (Support for old Ubuntu releases has been dropped. Fixed donation with GhostRider algorithm for builds without KawPow algorithm. Fixed, the file log writer was not thread-safe. Fixed RandomX crash when compiled with fortify_source)
Miners updateMar 22, 2024
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.7 (removed algo switch code from MeowPow algo. faster progpow code generation. fixes some miner issues and typos)
SimpleMining images updateMar 21, 2024
    • SM-i071m-6.1.57-3-a22.40.6-rf23.10.3-6.1.10-nv535.154.05-u20 (New stable image base on latest beta. Including all updates. This image is still based on Ubuntu 20)
    • SM-i080c-6.1.57-4-a22.40.6-rf23.20.2-6.2.10-nv535.154.05-u22 (New Beta image. Based on Ubuntu 22. This image is a bit bigger than Ubuntu20 based images. It uses 7GB of flash drive instead of 5GB with Ubuntu 20 based images)
    • Please remember not to upgrade all rigs at once. First test on one or few rigs before upgrade next part of rigs)
Miners updateMar 21, 2024
    • qubic.li-client-v1.8.10 (fixed cases when the client crashed unexpected)
Miners updateMar 20, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.13 (Optimized EP101 version)
SM-Beacon-v2.0Mar 20, 2024
    • New Beacon image. New version supports also config.txt with optional email address (same as in common config.txt file) for automatic rig activation when new rig is run with default image and inserted such beacon drive into USB slot. More info in our FAQ section. There is also link for download new Beacon image.
    • Please remember that Beacon is not a complete image for booting, but only additional image for better and simpler rig service support
Miners updateMar 19, 2024
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.6 (improved hashrate for ProgPow and KawPow algos - mostly on 10XX GPUs (not all types verified). improved hashrate for Ghostrider. new coin added: zkBTC)
Miners updateMar 18, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.12 (Fixed slicing crash)
Miners updateMar 18, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.11 (Improved cache usage boosts performance by ~20%. Fix crashes on index out of bounds)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.9 (Added support for GPU mining algorithm 'meowpow' [Meow coin]. Fixed possible invalid shares on PROGPOW algorithms [AMD Ellesmere GPU's]. TLS/SSL pool connections now supported over socks5 proxy (--proxy parameter))
    • teamblackminer-v2.21 (Fixed rejected shares on startup Kawpow/Firopow. Fixed zil switch crash bug on multicard rigs. Fixed crash in the zil powerlimit setting)
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.5 (support for CUDA 12.4. improved hashrate for GHOSTRIDER. add support for MEOWPOW (switch from KAWPOW to MEOWPOW on March 18th, 2024 - 22:00:00). add support for the MEOWPOW EPOCH switch at epoch 110 to grow the DAG size to 4GB)
    • qubic.li-client-v1.8.9 (Since this version miner uses raw source qubic.li-client binaries instead of Eloword binaries, that was used in all previous versions)
Dashboard updateMar 15, 2024
    • CPU mining only is now possible (rig will not reboot if CPU mining is enabled and no GPUs were detected)
    • multiple fixes that we did not wrote into changelog
Miners updateMar 15, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.9 (Performance optimization up to ~10%)
Miners updateMar 13, 2024
    • miniz-v2.3c (Added support for PyrinHash algo – Pyrin (PYI), for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%. Added support for KarlsenHash algo – Karlsen (KLS), Nexell-ia for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%. Added support for dual mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash (X + PYI/KLS/NXL), for NVIDIA. Added support for triple mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash + Zilliqa (X + PYI/KLS/NXL + ZIL), for NVIDIA. Added --no-ocx option: miniZ will not run ocx at the begging (previous default). Added --powerf option: applies a fraction of the nominal power to all gpus. (requires sudo/administrator privileges). Added various options for dual mining: --url2, --dualw, --dualw-all, --dual-mode, --dualmode-all. Added --profit/--accprofit options to shows a rough estimate of daily/session profits on the console. Provided by https://minerstat.com. Improved automatic algo detection. Removed support for obsolete Kepler GPUS in most algos. (Still possible with Ethash, ProgPoW, and Equihash 210,9). Improved ocx functionality. On start, miniZ will take a few seconds to perform ocx. Major improvement for ETH/progpow invalid/stale shares. Various minor/major fixes)
    • rigel-v1.15.0 ((IRON) Add fishhash algorithm support (dev fee 1%) including. IRON+ALPH, IRON+KLS, IRON+PYI, IRON+RXD, +ZIL. Add SOCKS5 proxy support. Add --no-colour parameter to disable colours in the miner log. Allow opting out of memory clock reset when building DAG by passing --dag-reset-mclock off. Bug fixes: (ALPH) Password field value -p is not passed to the pool making it impossible to use static difficulty when mining to Vipor)
    • rqiner-v0.3.8 (~25% performance optimization)
Miners updateMar 12, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.3.7 (Fixed a memory related bug reducing memory usage by about 8x)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.8 (Added support for GPU mining algorithm 'aurum' on AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL GPU's. Added support for algorithm 'heavyhash' on AMD VEGA GPU's. Performance improvement on PROGPOW algorithms on AMD/NVIDIA GPU's. Performance improvement on algorithm 'aurum' for CPU's. Returned support for mining algorithm 'cryptonight_ccx' on CPU and AMD GPU's [UltraNote Infinity coin]. Setting any cclock or mclock OC parameter's value to 0 will now reset the value of core clock / memory clock to the default value. Fixed broken DUAL AUTOLYKOS2/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM on some AMD RDNA2 GPUs. Fixed a bug with 'autolykos2' that could cause bad dataset creation (invalid shares). Fixed a bug with nonce distribution for algorithm 'randomepic' on EpicMine pool. Removed parameters and functionality for : '--gpu-buffer-mode', '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer', '--max-difficulty', '--start-block-height', '--gpu-autolykos2-preload', '--multi-algorithm-job-mode', '--gpu-auto-tune', '--gpu-ethash-mode')

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