Dashboard updateAug 17, 2022
    • Changed look of Rig Details page - this will save another line of space on mobile.
    • Added total hashrate in top website summary
    • Added new filter: invalid shares and icon error on rig list when it happens
    • Added ability to hide low balance alert. We will also make possibility to close that alert in next release.
    • Few other fixes and improvements
Miners updateAug 17, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.4 (Fixed high stale count on some eth pools when dual eth + kas)
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.5 (Added algo sha512_256d_radiant. Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + SHA512_256D_RADIANT and AUTOLYKOS2 + SHA512_256D_RADIANT dual mining. Fixed issue with dual mining ethash using nicehash mode. Added automatic caching of ZIL DAG in dual mining mode [ETH/ETC] (if GPU has enough VRAM to hold both DAG's). Added --gpu-ethash-dag-cache to set caching of specific ETH/ETC epoch in dual mining mode [ def. is epoch 0 - ZIL ])
Miners updateAug 16, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.3-cuda11.5 (Further Improvements to Improved Eth/Etc + Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Improvements to dual autotune. Added --max_dual_autotune_drop option to control how much eth hashrate your willing to lose when autotuning (default 0.92). Added --disable_opencl option. useful for rigs where bzminer crashes due to amd drivers. Added --zil_only option (do not mine eth part of eth + zil). Added --log_file_verbosity option to log different verbosity to log file vs console. Increased gui console update frequency. Fixed opencl enumerating device 0:0)
    • t-rex-v0.26.5 (Make LHR unlocker compatible with older drivers, e.g. 470+)
Advanced Command updateAug 12, 2022
    • Fixed Reflash Command with no remember WiFi settings after reflashing.
Miners updateAug 11, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.54 (Fixed a bug sometimes causing duplicate send shares in Kaspa dual mining. Fixed a bug "Received a defect stratum message: conversion of data to type "b" failed" on new Kaspa pools and the solo mining adapters. Fixed a bug causing --dualworker not to work right with Kaspa dual mining)
SimpleMining images updateAug 09, 2022
    • SM-i057a-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.73.05.img.xz (Updated stable image. Revert back one step with NVIDIA drivers to 510.73.05 because newest one 510.85.02 do not support LHR)
Dashboard updateAug 09, 2022
    • fixed statistics bugs - missing hashrate samples
Dashboard updateAug 08, 2022
    • RigList search field on mobile is now compacted to save more space
    • Group OC and Group Configs pages have now green rows when all rigs are online in certain group
    • Crashlog has now smaller font and bigger window
    • Fix power off confirmation box
    • Fix new sub account missing popup with details
SimpleMining images updateAug 08, 2022
    • SM-i055-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.85.02 (Updated stable image with new NVIDIA driver with some bug fixes)
Miners updateAug 06, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.4 (Improved performance on all dual mineable algorithms for RDNA2 GPU's. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateAug 04, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.2 (Improved Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Improved Eth/Etc + Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Fixed Kawpow crash bug)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.2 (Implemented support of socks5 proxy --proxy. Improved curvehash up to 40% on RDNA/RDNA2 and up to x2 times on NVIDIA(Polaris/Vega not tested, can be better too))
Dashboard updateAug 01, 2022
    • Added quick actions in rig details page: power off, pause, reboot, reload to mobie and desktop views
    • Summary page now saves your sorting and asc/desc plus direction of sorting is now more visible
    • Crashlog is moved to the Console card
    • Fixed scrolling while mouse cursor was on GPU list
    • Added full sensors support for MinerDude and OctoMiner cases
    • Public ip is now hidden by default
    • Fixed sub account permissions that did not show rig details and settings gear on rig list
    • Deposit page now estimates are based on last 1 hour as we charge for rigs that were online in last hour
    • Fixed Russian language missing translation and few bugs
Miners updateAug 01, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.3 (Significantly improved performance on curvehash. Reduced devfee for kaspa and heavyhash to 0.85%. Using any of the supported dual mining combinations, automatically enables auto tune. Added possibility to disable an algorithm in dual mining mode per GPU. Default value for --gpu-dual-max-loss is lowered from 5% to 3%)
Dashboard updateJul 29, 2022
    • GPU table. As our users requested. The most terrible change was visibility of the GPU list on mobile. So we have fixed it just now as quick solution and then we will improve it even more !
    • iPhone / Android App - almost nobody knows but You can create PWA mobile app of SimpleMining on Your smartphone. This is recommended as it will give You MORE space on SimpleMining page ! To do that please check link but be sure to be on rigList and then add that page as app. Here is info how to do this on Android and iPhone: https://bit.ly/3Q5Bc76
    • We will also bring more quick actions directly on rig Details page
    • If You have any suggestions, please send exactly what you are missing or you want to improve. We need details ! admin@simplemining.net
Miners updateJul 29, 2022
    • gminer-v3.05 (Fixed displaying of balance on 2miners pools (ETH balance when mining on BTC wallet))
    • lolminer-v1.53 (Added the --max-latency parameter (see above)
    • Improved efficiency of the Nvidia Eth+Kaspa dual mining solvers)
Miners updateJul 28, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.53-beta3 (Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa dual mining for AMD RX400, RX500, RX5000 and RX 6000 series. Use --dualmode KASPADUAL to request this algorithm. Requires --dualpool to be set to a Kaspa stratum pool. Slightly reduced clock demand on Ethash only for RX 5000 GPUs. Added experimental ETC+Kaspa solver for R9 285 / R9 380 (Tonga), RX Fury (Fiji) and RX 460 / 550 (Baffin) GPU. Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa solver for Nvidia Turing (RTX 2000, CMH) and Nvidia Ampere (RTX 3000, RTX Ax000) based GPUs)
Dashboard updateJul 28, 2022
    • We are working on making GPU table to have better visibility on mobiles as many of You requested. We will rebuild this table !!! In a mean time few adjustments.
    • Improved Rig Detail view (much smaller spaces on mobile)
    • fixed Group OC / Group Config selection
    • fixed missing default Group OC indicator
    • fixed Russian menu
Miners updateJul 26, 2022
    • gminer-v3.04 (moved to new version of balance fetching API for 2miners pools (decreased network trafic))
Dashboard updateJul 22, 2022
    • NEW re-invented dashboard look that changed every corner of the app (I am aware that changes is something most people do not like. Please use it for few hours / days and vote here if You like new dashboard or not - if not be sure to write the reason so we will be able to fix that ) - UPDATE - We have received feedback and we will work on compacting view to see more at glance
    • NEW summary page that shows insights view into Your account and Group Configs which is good option for monitoring your farms
    • NEW filter Group OC - none - will show You rigs that does not have any Group OC
    • Mobile - whole dashboard is even better optimized for mobile (RigList left options stay sticked to the left when You swipe left-right, GPU details are collapsed but You can also expand it and other smaller ones)
    • RigList - Top quick summary is now in header which saves a lot of space
    • RigList - after selecting at least one rig, You will see instant actions at the bottom
    • RigList - we added three dots (…) in which you can specify what should be visible and what should be hidden for Your view
    • RigList - number of restarts has now separate column so that You will be able to use sorting on it
    • RigDetails - totally new layout and faster refreshing of charts
    • Charts - legend is hidden and it will show only when your mouse over them
    • Charts - fixed showing temperatures over 100*C
    • Changelogs - when You wrote down something, you will see form in which You can write reason why something is not good for You
    • Deposits - ZEC deposits are closed for good due to many problems (Please use LTC instead)
    • Lists such as (Group OC, Group Config, Tags, etc will now refresh faster after adding, deleting something in them)
    • MANY other improvements, optimizations and bug fixes
Miners updateJul 25, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.0 (New coin: Woodcoin. Woodcoin: cpu optimization flag "algo_opt" set to 1 for pre-processing on CPU. Dual mining: Fixed low hashrate for for LHR cards. Dual mining: Removed "empty package" errors. Dual mining: Fixed invalid ethash shares on some pools. Ixian: Fixed rejected shares issue and fixed HTTPS issue. Zil: Fixed mining zil window with nicehash eth. Added efficiency to http api /status. Disabled Kaspa dev team fee by default)
Miners updateJul 20, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.66 (Fixed SSL reconnect crash. Fixed stats hang. Added new pools)
Miners updateJul 18, 2022
    • nanominer-v3.6.8 (Added Conflux (Octopus algorithm) for AMD RDNA GPUs (RX 5xxx and RX6xxx) Fixed nanominer crashes)
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.2 (Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + HEAVYHASH (OBTC/PBTC) and AUTOLYKOS2 + HEAVYHASH dual mining mode. Faster DAG creation on RDNA2 GPU's. Possible fix for case when some RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's won't create DAG for ETHASH/PROGPOW)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.1 (Added firopow and mike algos. Implemented support for future DAG reduction of progpow-veil. Implemented background compilation of progpow kernels. Fixed support gfx1034 (Radeon 6500XT). Up to 10% faster curvehash)
Update v1339Jul 12, 2022
    • rig hostname will now be set to rig name which will be visible in ssh and dhcp routers (change will be applied on fresh reboot)
Miners updateJul 12, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.1 (Added auto tune for dual mining (use --gpu-auto-tune 1 to enable) Added --gpu-dual-max-loss - defines the max loss of A0 hashrate we allow while auto tuning in dual mode, in percent. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJul 10, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.0 (Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining and AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining mode. Fixed ETHASH/ETCHASH + KASPA mining on nicehash. Added --gpu-table-slow-build which slows down DAG/Datatable creation for ETHASH/ETCHASH/UBQHASH/PROGPOW/AUTOLYKOS2 algorithms (might help in avoiding crash). --gpu-dual-mode isn't needed anymore, miner will auto check if selected algorithms are eligible for dual mining. Fixed a few bugs related to dual mining mode)
Miners updateJul 07, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.0-beta (Fixed curvehash for Vega gpu's and old 1-2Gb gpu's. Slight improve curvehash for Polaris, RDNA, RDNA2 and NVIDIA gpu's)
Miners updateJul 06, 2022
    • gminer-v3.03 (improved stability of API server (fixed "too many open files" error))
    • srbminer-multi-v0.9.9 (Improved performance of KASPA mining in dual mode for ETH/ETC+KASPA and AUTOLYKOS2+KASPA for some GPUs. Added algorithm curvehash for GPU mining. Fixed compatibility of KawPow with miningpoolhub pool)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.31.9-beta (Fixed crash on mixed rigs. Improved curvehash up to 1.5x)
Miners updateJul 05, 2022
    • gminer-v3.02 (Fixed displaying of difficulty for RavenCoin to match network difficulty. Removed Ton support)
Update v1337Jul 04, 2022
    • increased API error message timeout when miner starts very slowly
    • fixed duplicate "rig update" messages in console
    • fix hashrate ignoring very big (broken values) from miner API
    • octominer: improved octominer hardware detection
    • octominer: updated binary
    • octominer: added autofan (chasis fans) for improve GPU fans work
    • octominer: collecting more stat data (fans, psus, temps, humidity etc) - will be presented in dashboard in future
    • fixed NVIDIA VRAM temperature readings with zero value or/and freezing stats
    • prevent rig stats from some output errors in console
Miners updateJul 04, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.31.8-beta (up to 3x times faster curvehash)

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