Miners updateNov 28, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.1.3 (Fixed miner crashing on ETHASH/ETCHASH + KASPA/HEAVYHASH dual mining options that appeared in version 1.1.2. Added parameters --a0-start-script and --a1-start-script which run a user defined script every time algorithm 0 or 1 become active. Added parameter --start-script-delay which delays mining for x seconds after a0 or a1 startup script was executed)
Miners updateNov 25, 2022
    • teamredminer-v0.10.6 (Added fix for Kaspa mining on MiningRigRentals)
Miners updateNov 23, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.63 (Improved the Kaspa only mining performance on Nvidia Turing, Ampere and Ada GPUs by about 3.5%. Significantly improved the Kaspa only mining energy efficiency on Nvidia Turing, Ampere and Ada GPUs by 7-11% depending on the actual model. Values given to --dualfactor parameter will now be value checked and rounded / capped to working values. Fixed a bug causing the miner to show a crash message when lolMiner was ended via ctrl+c. Fixed a bug causing lolMiner not to start Kaspa mining on Nvidia GPUs when the Nvidia OpenCL installation on the system is broken)
Miners updateNov 21, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.1.2 (Added algorithm sha256dt (NOVO coin). Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + SHA256DT and AUTOLYKOS2 + SHA256DT dual mining mode. Lowered devfee for sha512_256d_radiant. Reworked auto-tune procedure. Added parameter --gpu-disable-interleaving which disables interleaving of threads (only when same GPU runs 2+ threads) - might get better hashrate in some cases. --gpu-buffer-mode 1 should work more stable on 4GB GPU's now. Bug fixes & minor improvements)
    • teamblackminer-v1.75 (Removed 2 bugs in verthash mining. Reduced the rejected shares and improved the poolspeed in ETHW/ETC. Improved performance on ezil.me / zil switching pools / ethproxy. 0 rejects on dag switch)
Dashboard updateNov 17, 2022
    • NEW feature - GPU flashing directly in dashboard. Our system save original bios in our database before flashing and in near future You will be able to see the BIOS history and download those files directly in dashboard
    • Added Chinese language 中文
Update v1344Nov 17, 2022
    • New Console parser with better colouring, font, etc
    • New nvtool with VRAM temperature readings with newest NVIDIA drivers 520.x
    • Other small fixes and improvements
Miners updateNov 15, 2022
    • gminer-v3.13 (Significantly improved efficiency (pool hash rate) for Kaspa, ETC+Kaspa, Ergo + Kaspa mining (increases hash rate on pool side). Added BeamHash algorithm for Nvidia GPUs)
Miners updateNov 15, 2022
    • bzminer-v12.1.1 (Fixed nicehash pool connection for kaspa. Fixed locked clock going to idle on mem lock. Fixed radiant dual mine issue. Fixed radiant on rx580 cards. Fixed radiant duplicate shares issue. Added test zil option (in pool_configs.txt only). Zil dag reset oc not using oc_delay option (causing crashes for some oc switches). Fixed zil window clock for shardpool. Fixed --help and -h. Added k1poolzil for force_algo2. This will create zil connection automatically to k1pool using first algos wallet. Added discord webhook options: --webhook_discord_url --webhook_discord_solutions_only --webhook_discord_interval_ms --webhook_discord_verbosity)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.34.0 (Fixed random crash while getting new job message on some progpow coins(division by zero error). Fixed invalid shares for progpows after devfee session on low-mem gpu's)
Miners updateNov 14, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.62 (Added support Alephium in non-dual mode for Nvidia Pascal GPUs and newer. Use --algo ALEPH to mine it. Fee is 0.75%. Slight performance improvement for Kaspa non-dual on Nvidia GPUs. Added Aeternity Cuckoo 29 & Grin Cuckatoo 32 kernels for RX 6600 and RX 6700 series GPUs. Updated web ui for supporting Intel GPUs, more pools and coins. --cclk for locking core clock and --mclk for locking memory clock now work for Nvidia Pascal and Turing GPUs (3). If --cclk or --mclk are used to lock clocks, these will now be reset on lolMiner exit. Added reading of junction temperature and memory temperature for Nvidia GPUs for drivers 515 or newer. Re-arranged nonce consumption for Kaspa to allow pools with 3 bytes extra-nonce without (too many) duplicate shares. Added reading of GPU power draw and core clock on Intel Arc GPUs. Fixed a bug that may cause a segmentation fault on startup. Fixed a bug causing LHR detection to sometimes start on Nvidia 520 and newer drivers. Fixed a bug causing --list-devices not to work. Fixed a bug causing DNS over HTTPs to fail often. Fixed a bug causing Intel GPUs not to be sorted by PCIE bus and address in device list. Fixed a bug causing rejected shares on Equihash not appearing in API (but they did in miner dashboard stats))
    • nanominer-v3.7.5 (Added Intel Arc support for progpow including kawpow (Raven) and firopow (FIRO). Intel ARC support will be in near future in SimpleMining)
    • teamblackminer-v1.74 (Removed rejected shares bug on ethproxy pools. Fixed a bug in poolspeed on ethproxy and vardiff pools. The vardiff poolspeed in the console now reset on every difficulty change. Fixed the zil dagcache for AMD. Faster switches between zil/etc/eth. Cpu verification moved to submit thread)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.9 (Fixed duplicate shares on some pools. Fixed few memory leaks for progpows. Fixed benchmark mode for progpows)
Miners updateNov 10, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.73 (Submit solutions in a seperate thread. Faster poolspeed hashrate in ETHW/ETC and Kawpow. Cuda 8 tuned ETHW/ETC/ETF kernels, abit faster on RTX cards. Fix nonce problem that caused rejects on some pools. (Ethash/etchash). Added Ethereum Fair pools. API is now running at init. Test on the Verthash filesize, and recreate on wrong size)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.8 (Fixed constant progpow kernels rebuild on each period instead of using background compilation)
Miners updateNov 09, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.7 (Improved sha512256d performance. Fixed hashrate fluctuation on progpow's. Slight hashrate increase on progpow's for NVIDIA Turing+ gpu's and AMD RDNA2. Some general fixes to progpow`s kernel compilation)
Miners updateNov 04, 2022
    • bzminer-v12.1.0 (Lock core/memory clocks on 10, 16 and 20 series cards. Fixed delayed oc on Zil window start. Fixed main algo not pausing immediately on Zil window start. Added oc_enable option (useful for dual mining not changing second algo oc). Logging Zil window time. Radiant optimized for AMD. Fix mem temp on driver >=520. Fix fan speeds on driver >=520. fixed crash on non <520 nvidia drivers. Added disable_index_html option. Warn if fan is broken. Fixed Radiant + Zil. Disable lhr unlock on driver 520 and up)
    • miniz-v1.9z5b
Miners updateNov 03, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.1.1 (Added algorithm evrprogpow (EVRMORE coin). Performance increase on cryptonight_gpu for RDNA/RDNA2. Performance increase on sha512_256d_radiant for RDNA2. Performance increase on lyra2v2_webchain. Progpow algorithms bugfixes [kawpow, firopow, epic, sero, veil, veriblock, zano]. Added support for gfx1036. Fixed detection of RX550 GPU's on newer AMD drivers)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.6 (Fixed rejects on evrprogpow(and other progpow's) for NVIDIA, Fixed possible crash while compiling kernel for progpow family algorithms)
Miners updateNov 02, 2022
    • gminer-v3.12 (Added Cuckatoo32 (Grin 32) algorithm. Added VDS (Vollar) algorithm. Fixed display of difficulty for equihash algorithms)
    • miniz-v1.9z5 (AMD improvements 125,4 and 144,5 up to 10%. Added --fanspeed-all/--fantemp-all options to set fan control for all GPUs. Added --fanmax option, works only with --fantemp. If not used fan max is 99. Added --power option to AMDs. Added --gpuoffset/--memoffset options for NVIDIA GPUs. Added fan core/memory clocks, and speed information (%) to Telemetry. Added support for RX 5500 and AMD R9 390. Fixed fee getting stuck in particular conditions related to network issues (unstable, unreliable...). Fixed --ocX on ethash. Fixed UBQ stale share on start. Fixed Worker name that was not consistent, on ZergPool. Fixed 144,5 broken kernels. Removed LHR kernels)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.5 (Implemented evrprogpow. Finally fixed evrprogpow on Polaris/Vega. Slight increase of progpow variants hashrate on RDNA2. Improved performance for progpow family algorithms on RDNA(Radeon 5500/5600/5700 series) on newer drivers(20.40+))
Miners updateOct 27, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.72 (Added ravencoin support (Kawpow). Faster Kawpow on Nvidia. Fixed a rare crash in ETH+ZIL dual mining)
Miners updateOct 26, 2022
    • gminer-v3.11 (fixed miner restarts on Ergo + Kaspa)
Dashboard updateOct 25, 2022
    • Added efficiency. Hashrate per watt on rig and GPU charts
    • Added next/prev rig data prefetching which will make super fast to go through all rigs using next button in rig details view
    • Upgraded dashboard engine to React 18
    • Fixed shellinabox blank page
    • Fixed dropdown list scrolling
    • Added ASIC bitcoin calculator on main website as we are preparing ASIC Antminer and Whatsminer support
    • Multiple other fixes and improvements
Miners updateOct 24, 2022
    • miniz-v1.9z4 (Performance improvements for 125,4 on all gpus, up to 20%. Performance improvements for 150,5 on all gpus. Added ubqhash algorithm for Ubiq (UBQ). Added AMD support for all progpow algos. Added fan/target temperature control option --fantemp.1. Changed AMD GPU order to PCI order. Added AMD fan control. Added support for NVIDIA RTX 40XX GPUs. Fixed issue with Telemetry. Fixed Ampere modes that were not launching well on Aion mining. Fixed 96,5 support. Added reset value to power option. --power=1 will reset to stock value. (0 to ignore). Power option show range when trying to set different value)
    • nanominer-v3.7.4 (
    • noncerpro-cuda-v3.4.1 (A more robust parameters optimizer. Fixed 100% CPU usage on some GPUs. Reduced the default memory allocation. This could decrease the number of rejected shares)
    • xmrig-v6.18.1 (Removed LHR unlocker for new Nvidia drivers)
SimpleMining images updateOct 20, 2022
    • SM-i058b-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n520.56.06 (Fixed beta image with NVIDIA 4090 support. i058a had issue with some LAN cards. This beta image not supports VRAM temp readings for now, but it will fixed soon)
Miners updateOct 20, 2022
    • gminer-v3.10 (Added support of Nvidia RTX 40xx GPUs. Display memory temperature under Linux on latest Nvidia drivers. Added Aeternity support for Nvidia GPUs. Improved Ergo compatibility with mining pools (f2pool). Improved balance displaying)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.5.1 (Kaspa single algo - fixed critical bug sometimes delaying shares, resulting in pool rejects. Kaspa single algo - fixed solo mining against the Kaspa stratum bridge or other setups with no extranonce sent)
Miners updateOct 19, 2022
    • teamredminer-v0.10.5 ( Kaspa single algo mining rewritten for minimal latency, optimizing for the Kaspa 1 sec block time. Ethash+Kaspa dual mining now added, use --kas ... --kas_end. The setup is identical to ETH+TON. See the update DUAL_ETH_MINING.txt guide for more details)
Miners updateOct 17, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.3 (Hotfix release for ghostrider for NVIDIA gpu's. Now more shares should be found on gpu's with intensity is not divided by 256(e.g. 1660S, 2060, 2070, 2080, 3060, 3070. 3080))
Miners updateOct 16, 2022
    • gminer-v3.09 (Added ETC+KASPA, ETHW+KASPA, ERGO+KASPA dual solver for Nvidia GPUs. Improved KASPA mining performance on GTX 10x0 GPUs)
SimpleMining images updateOct 14, 2022
    • SM-i058a-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n520.56.06 (New Beta image with NVIDIA 4090 support)
Miners updateOct 14, 2022
    • t-rex-v0.26.8 (Add support for NVIDIA 40xx GPUs. Handle v520+ LHR-free video drivers correctly)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.2 (Improved pufferfish2 on RDNA2 gpu's up to 20%. Added default intensity values for RTX 4090. Reverted curvehash changes for NVIDIA, so it should be same as 0.32.2 version now)
Miners updateOct 13, 2022
    • bzminer-v12.0.2 (Added support for 40 series Nvidia)
    • gminer-v3.08 (added KHeavyHash (KASPA) algorithm for Nvidia)
    • lolminer-v1.61 (Slightly improved performance of Flux mining on Nvidia Ampere and Turing cards (by approx 1.5-2.5% compared to 1.60). Improved system memory footprint when mining Flux or Beam on Nvidia GPUs. This allows running the solvers on more then 8 GPUs with only 4G system memory. Speed exposed by API is now smoothed, so especially on all Equihash based algorithms the hashrate figures derived from API values will appear more smooth. Fixed a bug causing Flux mining on Nvidia Pascal GPUs not working. Fixed a bug causing stale shares being counted as defect shares in API - and not correctly exposed in miner UI as well)
Miners updateOct 12, 2022
    • bzminer-v12.0.1.1 (Fixed duplicate shares issue in dual +radiant combos)
Miners updateOct 11, 2022
    • bzminer-v12.0.0 (New coins: Radiant, Ethw, Meowcoin. New optimized combo (dual): ethw + radiant, ethw + kaspa, etc + radiant, ergo + radiant, Allow clock offset AND locked clocks (indirectly control voltage). Higher intensities for second algo in dual mode now possible. Stabilized OC switch between zil and other algos. Added --oc_script option for changing AMD OC on zil switch using third party software. Added "zil" support for ezil. Added zil estimated time to next window. Added support for k1pool "zil" only. Fixed ixi + zil. Fixed other +zil bugs. Added new table column option pstate. Keep windows from sleeping. Improved auto fan feature (stays exactly at specified temp). Lock OC (does not change) when generating dag (in dual/tri mining). Disable logging to file by default. Fixed console output (no output or large characters). Fixed auto protocol detection for 2miners. Removed ESC key listener. Fixed unlock clocks not working with reset all oc. Fixed hashpool for kaspa. Other stability fixes (crashes, network disconnects))
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.1-fix (Fixed package with proper miner version. Prev package contains miner from previous version by accident)
Miners updateOct 10, 2022
    • noncerpro-cuda-v3.4.0 (Built with Cuda 11.5 to support 30xx series)
    • teamblackminer-v1.70 (Added the KAWPOW algo (ravencoin). Restored Zil Single mining. New dual mining mode ethash+zil and etchash+zil. Fixed poolspeed in the console for static diff pools for vertcoin)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.4.1 (Fixed Kaspa kernels for BC-160 (gfx1011) and Radeon VII family on older PAL drivers. Fixed rare cases of ethash false alerts of dead gpus)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.33.1 (Slightly improved sha512256d on AMD. Implemented pufferfish2(stratum only). Fix for pufferfish2 on Polaris)
Dashboard updateOct 10, 2022
    • Fixed menus problem on some devices
    • Account balance chart has now adjusted Y axis
    • Deposit page transactions are now clickable and will pop up blockchain transaction page
    • Few other fixes

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