Miners updateJun 08, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.9 (Improved mining performance on algorithm 'memehash' for AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL GPU's. Added VerusCoin PBAAS support. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJun 07, 2023
    • rigel-v1.5.0 (Add support for mining Radiant (-a sha512256d), dev fee 1.0% (Kaspa) Tiny performance improvements. Allow --fan-control to be set per algorithm - can be used to set different fan speeds for primary algorithm and ZIL)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.13
Update v1349Jun 07, 2023
    • Added API support for onezerominer
    • Fixed nanominer API with zero hashrate in summary value
    • Fixed console for SRBminer output display with missing GPU data
    • Fixed sending rig system data in some rare cases
Miners updateJun 05, 2023
    • nanominer-v3.8.2 (Supported Verus coin mainnet changes)
    • xmrig-v6.19.3 (Improved algorithm negotiation for donation rounds by sending extra information about current mining job. RandomX: optimized program generation. RandomX: fixed undefined behavior. RandomX: fixed jccErratum list. Updated example scripts)
Dashboard updateMay 29, 2023
    • New captcha with less interaction needed from user
Miners updateMay 29, 2023
    • bzminer-v15.2.0 (Improved Ironfish efficiency (Nvidia). Improved Radiant efficiency (Nvidia & AMD). Fixed Nvidia fan speeds on windows for some cards (10 series))
Miners updateMay 26, 2023
    • rigel-v1.4.8 ((IronFish) Minor performance improvements. (Alephium) Performance improvements for Turing GPUs and newer)
    • onezerominer-v1.1.3 (Significant hashrate increase on all gpus. More than 100% hashrate on 3000 series. (eg: 3090 does 14 kh/s with stock settings). The hashrate increase of this release is not because of any actual improvement. It is simply because we are using single precision(doing math calculations up to 7 decimals) for simulating chips compared to double precision(up to 15 decimals) that was used in the previous version. Double precision is important for dynex jobs especially the machine learning job and we will switch back to it in the future releases. Meanwhile, enjoy the hashrate boost!)
Miners updateMay 25, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.8 (Added algorithm 'memehash' (PEPEPOW coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 2% [AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL]. Minor improvement for algorithm 'dynex' in dual mining mode. Fixed hashrate regression on 'sha512_256d_radiant' algorithm for RX6600 GPU's [single mode]. Fixed algorithm 'lyra2v2_webchain' on NVIDIA GPU's broken in previous versions. Fixed algorithm 'autolykos2' in dual mining with 'sha512_256d_radiant' for some GPU's broken in previous version. Added sum of accepted/rejected/hw error shares to stats. Added parameter '--disable-gpu-dual-kernels' [disables usage of optimised dual kernels])
Dashboard UpdateMay 21, 2023
    • NEW feature - user Variables. You can now add Your own variables. They are under User settings in Variables card.
    • And use them in miner option settings.
Miners updateMay 21, 2023
    • bzminer-v15.1.0 (Optimized radiant. Optimized ironfish. Optimized nexa. Optimized novo. Optimized alph. Stabilized hashrate/auto intensity. Added solutions per minute column (spm, use "pool_table" option to change columns))
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.7.2 (Significantly improved mining performance of dual kernels for algorithm 'dynex' [AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL]. Added kernels for DUAL mining : DYNEX/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM, DYNEX/SHA256DT. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'dynex' for some GPU's. Fixed algorithm 'sha256dt' broken in previous versions. Fixed algorithm 'dynamo' broken in previous versions. Fixed algorithm 'autolykos2' in dual mining for Nvidia Turing GPU's broken in previous version. Fixed low hashrate issue (again) when connecting to some ALEPHIUM pool/s [alph-pool.com, coinhunters.space, woolypooly for ex.]. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMay 18, 2023
    • nanominer-v3.8.1 (Finally there is a single build for all CUDA versions. We added Kaspa. Nanominer suports dual, triple and quad mining: Ethash + Kaspa (ETC, ETHW and other coins based on ethash algorithm); Ergo + Kaspa; Kaspa + Zilliqa; Ethash + Kaspa + Zilliqa; Ergo + Kaspa + Zilliqa; Ethash + Kaspa + Zilliqa + Monero; Ergo + Kaspa + Zilliqa + Monero; Ethash + Kaspa + Zilliqa + Verus coin; Ergo + Kaspa + Zilliqa + Verus coin; Silent mode which allows to reduce log messages)
Miners updateMay 14, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.1.2 (Fixed a bug with solution submission. Fixed a hashrate reporting issue with small jobs. Increased mallob connection timeout)
Miners updateMay 12, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.1.1 (Hashrate improvement on most GPUs. Added support for older gpus back to compute 3.5 (K80). Added an average period for the reported power consumption. Power is now calculated by averaging over the past five seconds. Minor bug fixes)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.6 (Improved mining performance on algorithm 'blake3_alephium' for AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL [Alephium]. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'sha256dt' for AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL [Novo]. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'dynex' for some AMD/NVIDIA GPU's [Dynexcoin]. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'sha512_256d_radiant' for NVIDIA (Pascal, Turing) and AMD gfx1100 [Radiant]. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'sha3d' for NVIDIA GPUS [Kylacoin]. Improved mining performance on many dual algorithms for AMD gfx1100. Added kernels for DUAL mining : DYNEX/BLAKE3_IRONFISH, DYNEX/KASPA. Added support for AMD gfx1100 on algorithm 'sha3d'. Better auto tune for algorithm 'dynex'. Fixed low diff shares issue when connecting to some RXD,NOVO and KYLACOIN pool/s [vipor.net for ex.]. Fixed low hashrate issue when connecting to some ALEPHIUM pool/s [alph-pool.com, coinhunters.space, woolypooly for ex.]. Fixed some bugs when using --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3. Removed keyboard shortcut 'h'. Hashrate stats will be displayed periodically. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMay 11, 2023
    • bzminer-v15.0.0 (New coin: Novo now supported. Fixed Kylacoin pool integration issues (no worker name))
    • gminer-v3.40 (Significant hashrate improvements on IronFish algorithm (up to +10%))
    • rigel-v1.4.7 ((IronFish) Performance improvements for Turing and Ampere GPUs. (Zilliqa) Add --zil-test parameter to simulate ZIL sessions every 30 seconds - useful for testing overclock settings. (Alephium) Fixed performance regression. (Zilliqa) Fixed overclock settings are not applied during DAG generation at start up causing power spikes)
Miners updateMay 10, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.76 (Improved performance of Blake3-Alephium mining on Nvidia Turing and newer cards by 15-18%. Improved performance of Blake3-Ironfish mining on Nvidia Turing and newer cards by 9-11%. Slightly improved performance of Blake3-Ironfish mining on AMD cards by ~0.8%. Slightly improved performance of Nexa mining on Nvidia Turing and newer cards by ~0.6%. Updated dag repair tables for OctaSpace, ETHW & ETC mining to cover current epochs. Added option --screen to enable a special mining mode in case a GPU is connected to a screen to prevent shuttering. The value -1 activates this mode for all cards, any value above or equal 0 will activate this mode for the GPU with index equal to the provided number. E.g. --screen 0 will active it for the first card detected by the miner. Note: it is in the nature of this option to cost some performance when used. At the moment this option is available for Ethash (AMD cards), Kaspa (Nvidia), Nexa, Alephium and Ironfish solvers. Fixed a bug with Alephium mining on RTX4090 producing duplicated shares. Fixed a bug making some Nvidia only rigs to need --no-cl parameter to mine Ironfish. Fixed a bug causing Nvidia Ampere-based CMP HX GPUS & Nvidia Ax000 series not to mine blake3 algorithms. Fixed a bug rarely causing defect shares on AMD cards when mining Ironfish)
Miners updateMay 09, 2023
    • gminer-v3.39 (Fixed miner crashes on IronFish+ZIL, ETC+IronFish+ZIL, Ergo+IronFish+ZIL and Conflux+IronFish+ZIL when ZIL dual intensity is -1 (-zildi -1))
Miners updateMay 08, 2023
    • rigel-v1.4.6 ((Nexa) Minor performance improvements. (Alephium) Fixed low pool hashrate when mining to certain pools including alph-pool, woolypooly, and coinhunters)
Miners updateMay 07, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.3.2 (New coin: Kylacoin now supported. Reduced ironfish default intensity (lower stales). Fixed unoptimized dual combo CPU usage. Renamed nvidia_only, amd_only, and intel_only to enable_nvidia, enable_amd, and enable_intel. Enable_intel is false by default. Re-added intel support (disabled by default, enable with enable_intel option, only ironfish tested). allow_stales option (default true))
    • gminer-v3.38 (Added IronFish, IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs. Added Ergo+IronFish, Ergo+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs. Added ETC+IronFish, ETC+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs. Added Conflux+IronFish, Conflux+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs. Fixed share difficulty calculation for Radiant)
Dashboard updateMay 05, 2023
    • fixed GPUs not showing on some rigs
    • fixed rig activity status
Miners updateMay 04, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.5-fix2 (Rebuilded package with included dynex_compute_w340.cnf file for DYNEX mining to not redownload this file each time miner reload)
Miners updateApr 30, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.5 (Significantly improved mining performance on algorithm 'dynex'. Improved mining performance on algorithm 'blake3_ironfish' in single and dual modes. Added support for algorithm 'sha3d' on NVIDIA. Ironfish is now compatible with pools using stratum v2. Added optimised kernel for DUAL mining : DYNEX/SHA512_256D_RADIANT. Added auto tune for algorithm 'dynex' that will try to find an optimal gpu intensity value. Algorithm 'xdag' is now compatible with xdagj 0.6.1. Fixed broken RXD/ALEPH mining on RDNA gpus. If using '--gpu-reset-oc' parameter, it will get applied also on miner shutdown. Bug fixes)
Miners updateApr 29, 2023
    • gminer-v3.37 (Significant hashrate improvement on Radiant, ETC+Radiant, Conflux+Radiant and Ergo+Radiant for GTX 10xx GPUs. Fixed performance degradation appeared in v3.36)
Dashboard updateApr 28, 2023
    • improved user notifications page
    • fixed Group OC not saving temperature
    • fixed error on rig groups mass editing
    • fixed schedule time validation
    • fixed sliders on mobile that caused slider to jump to previous value
    • fixed rig not reflecting paused status on riglist
    • fixed dropdown + TAB behaviour
Miners updateApr 28, 2023
    • teamredminer-v0.10.12 (Improved ironfish hashrate (+5-6% on all gpus, +10-11% for Polaris). Removed ironfish user graffiti option. Fixed broken dual zil mining for some older algos, e.g. Nimiq)
Miners updateApr 28, 2023
    • gminer-v3.35 (Improved Radiant hashrate for RTX 20X0 GPUs. Added Ergo+Radiant, Ergo+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs. Added ETC+Radiant, ETC+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs. Added Conflux+Radiant, Conflux+Radiant+ZIL solver for Nvidia GPUs)
Miners updateApr 27, 2023
    • rigel-v1.4.5 ((IronFish) Minor performance improvements for 30xx series GPUs)
Miners updateApr 26, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.75 (Improved Ironfish mining speed by 4-5% on all supported GPUs. Added support to mine Alephium on AMD GCN3 (RX 400, Rx500) and newer GPUs. Added support to mine Ironfish on AMD GCN3 gpus. Renamed Blake3-Ironfish to Blake3-Iron. Fixed a bug causing to little shares submitted when mining Alephium on Nvidia GPUs. Fixed a bug causing high stale and defect share counts when mining Ironfish on AMD GPUs. Fixed a bug causing AMD RX 7900 series GPUs not starting up Ironfish mining. Fixed a bug causing only defect shares on Ironfish mining when a pool did not zero the Grafitti part of the block header (e.g. ezil pool))
Miners updateApr 26, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.3.1 (Improved Ironfish hashrate. Fixed high cpu usage. Added decimal place to power usage. Fixed algo_opt for ironfish not showing hashrate on all gpus)
Miners updateApr 24, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.3.0 (Improved Ironfish hashrate. Fixed larger rigs not sending up all shares. Fixed worker name in wallet not getting passed to the pool. Reorganized config.txt. Added new column option best to show highest difficulty share found)
Miners updateApr 23, 2023
    • rigel-v1.4.4 ((IronFish) Minor performance improvements)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.11 (GPU: Small improvements for ironfish hashrate/efficiency on all gpus. GPU: Fixed low ironfish hashrate for RDNA3 / 7900XT. GPU: Automatic handling of ironfish worker name when specified as wallet.worker. GPU: User can now set their own graffiti prefix (max 20 chars) when mining ironfish (see --iron_user_graffiti) to paint the blockchain!)

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