Miners updateJan 31, 2023
    • Added miner dynexsolve-v2.2.3a for Dynex mining
    • teamblackminer-v1.83 (Faster VTC+ZIL mining. Epoch 0 cached at startup AMD/NVIDIA in +ZIL mode. Improved the startup time when mining 2 or 3 algos. Added support for ZIL standalone mining on crazypool.org. Fixed stats. Sometimes the AVG hashrate in the console was 0 for verthash. Fixed AMD ETC standalone mining not starting bug introduced in non dual mode 1.82. Fixed --zil-power-limit so it resets properly after endzil pow)
Miners updateJan 31, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.0.3 (Improved Nexa hashrate/efficiency (nvidia, continued effort with Lolliedieb). Nexa dev fee reduced to 2%. Multiple +zil fixes. Fixed AMD issues on all algos (except nexa). Possible slight auto intensity improvement across all algos (both nvidia and amd). Fixed high diff issue on Zil. Fixed oc_script option. Reformated ghz to mhz. Fixed cuda error from previous release on older nvidia drivers. Slight improvement to nexa efficiency/hashrate (mainly for 20 series cards). Added new parameter --pool_reconnect_timeout_ms)
    • tt-miner-v2023.1.3 (new coin Litoreum(LTRM). new options to OC (core/mem and PL). Commandline options are now case insensitive except: -p for password. -P for a complete connection string. Fixes a bug that could led to a crash at Miner start under certain conditions and environments. New coin StakeCubeCoin(SCC) - new Algo (FiroPowSCC). Improved GhostRider & Mike algo. Due to the new development the printed hashrate may be off of the real hashrate. Please check your pool for the correct hashrate for GhostRider & Mike algo!. Added new functions to avoid stale shares. For GhostRider & Mike it is almost impossibel to avoid them all. Change mining fee for GhostRider & Mike to 1%. Fixes a bug that led to invalid shares on ProgPow and derivate algos)
Miners updateJan 30, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.1.0 (ZIL is now mineable in any single/dual algorithm combination [triple mining]. Added ZIL parameters '--zil-enable', '--zil-pool', '--zil-wallet', '--zil-password', '--zil-esm', '--zil-epoch', '--zil-oc-script'. Added ZIL OC parameters '--zil-cclock', '--zil-mclock', '--zil-coffset', '--zil-moffset', '--zil-plimit'. Added auto buffer mode for ZIL mining. Added parameters '--disable-gpu-intel', '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer'. Added OC parameters '--gpu-cclock1', '--gpu-mclock1', '--gpu-coffset1', '--gpu-moffset1', '--gpu-plimit1'. Removed parameters '--gpu-ethash-dag-cache', '--a0-is-zil'. Renamed parameters '--a0-start-script' to '--a0-oc-script' , '--a1-start-script' to '--a1-oc-script', '--start-script-delay' to '--oc-delay'. Added '--esm 2' which indicates that 'EthereumStratum/1.0.0' + nicehash mode is used for communication with the pool. Allowed separator ',' (comma) which can be used as an alternative for the current '!' separator in all parameters except in '--password'. Minor bug fixes)
Dashboard UpdateJan 30, 2023
    • NEW feature EVENTS that allows You to execute automatic actions based on condition. Currently only time condition is supported but more in future. The actions are: Set different Group Config, Group OC, Set sleep schedule, Set tags, Clear warnings, Reload, Reboot, Sleep, Resume, Pause. For example You can do auto reboot every day or set different OC profile for day and different for night when electricity is cheaper.
    • NEW Nvidia Core and Memory LOCK (You can set specific MHz clock). That gives opportunity to lower power usage on nvidia. For better overclocking and config profiles please visit: https://hashrate.no/gpus
    • Group config options view now longer text
    • Fixed missing telegram form and few other fixes
Miners updateJan 30, 2023
    • miniz-v2.0c (Added support for Zilliqa (ZIL) single and dual mining. (ZIL+ETC/ETH/UBQ) (No ZMP) (See FAQ for usage examples.). Added dag cache for ethash, and progpow algorithms. Improvements for 192,7 on RTX 30XX GPUs. Added --show-diff option to show job, and network (equihash only) difficulty. Fixed Beam stale/invalid shares. Fixed CUDA API error 400 on progpow))
    • rigel-v1.3.4 ((Nexa) Fix "duplicate share" issue when mining to vipor.net pool. Add --no-strict-ssl option to disable pool certificate verification. Add support for non-zmp pools (including Nexa+Zil, Kaspa+Zil). Fix insufficient mem. ry error when mining Nexa+Zil. Fix applying overclock settings in dual mining with Zil. Fix duplicate shares when mining to flexpool)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.8 (Kawpow on Polaris 4GB gpus extended to epoch 369 (end of April 2023). Tiny Kaspa gpu hashrate boost across all gpus (+0.1%). Added triple ERG+KAS+ZIL and ETH+KAS+ZIL mining support, add both --kas and --zil sections to enable. R-mode support in dual/triple ZIL mining. Specify --eth_config=R inside --zil ... --zil_end to enable. Fixed additional small issues with dual zil mining paired with older algos. Fixed hw err issues for verthash when running with R-mode kernel params)
Miners updateJan 27, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.66 (Added support for mining Nexa on Nvidia Pascal or newer generation GPUs (1). Use --algo NEXA to mine it. Fee is 2%)
    • rigel-v1.3.1 ((Nexa) performance/efficiency improvements)
Update v1346Jan 25, 2023
    • Added API support for custom miners, but only for supported already by SimpleMining (Custom miner name should be similar like used by SimpleMining. If you prepare custom miner for PhoenixMiner, than use name phoenixminer-xxx.zip, for gminer use gminer-xxx.zip, for TRM use teamredminer-xxx.zip, etc. "xxx" string are any your string. Please remember that using custom miners every resume/reload/reboot/etc causes redownload custom miner package from your server by each your rig because custom miners are not cached on rig's local drives).
Miners updateJan 25, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.82 (Fixed issue with high cpu load introduced in 1.81. Fixed issue in VTC+ZIL. Several small improvements)
Miners updateJan 24, 2023
    • rigel-v1.3.0 (Add Nexa mining support (2% dev fee). Fixed miner terminates connection with a pool if it issued a job but didn't respond to a previously sent RPC request)
Miners updateJan 23, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.0.1 (NEXA! (FINALLY! Nvidia only for now, joint effort with Lolliedieb from lolMiner, 3% dev fee). Faster startup times for larger rigs. Showing difficulty change message. Pool hr now resets on diff change. Added share difficulty for nexa only. Caching zil dag completely (no recalculations on reconnections). Disabled Kaspa community fund by default)
    • gminer-v3.27 (Improved memory management for mining with ZIL, fixed "out of memory" error on ERG+KAS+ZIL or ERG+ZIL on 6GB GPUs. Added option to control dataset management for Ergo, --dataset_mode, 0 - auto mode (selects 2), 1 -generate dataset only for current height, 2 - generates second dataset for height + 1 (next job), optimize hashrate, but requires additional memory on GPU for additional dataset, if there is no enough memory for two datasets miner fall back to one dataset. Fixed bug with displaying memory temperature on GPUs that doesn't have this sensor (miner displayed hot spot temperature))
    • teamblackminer-v1.81 (Fixed support for additional +VTC i the read-only API. Added support for VTC+ZIL dual mining. Added --zil-power-limit switch to set the power limit in watt during the zil mining window. Reduced the default VTC intensity to reduce stales and rejected shares. Fixed issue with shares pr minute and poolspeed on vardiff pools.
    • wildrig-multi-v0.36.5-beta (Improved nexapow up to 8% for NVIDIA gpu's. Slightly improved nexapow for AMD gpu's. Now 2% devfee for nexapow. RDNA3 should be supported now)
Update v1345Jan 19, 2023
    • Fixed resume mining from pause
    • Added API support for aleo-miner
    • Added API support for rigel miner
    • Added API support for damomine-aleominer
Miners updateJan 19, 2023
    • damomine-aleominer-v2.3.7 (Improve RTX 20s GPU performance by 5%)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.0.2 (Improved mining performance on sha512_256d_radiant for AMD RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's and NVIDIA Ampere GPU's. Improved mining performance on dual ETCHASH/ETHASH + SHA512_256D_RADIANT for AMD RDNA2 GPU's. Added experimental support for NVIDIA architectures older than Pascal. Added GPU OC parameters --gpu-coffset, --gpu-moffset [ NVIDIA only ]. Fixed bug with --gpu-cclock , --gpu-mclock and --gpu-plimit getting applied only in dual mining mode. Removed obsolete algorithms: cosa, circash, 0x10, frkhash, balloon_zentoshi. Minor bug fixes)
SimpleMining images updateJan 18, 2023
    • SM-i066d-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv525.78.01-u20 (New beta image. Updated NVIDIA driver to newest - more stable and with 4070TI support)
Miners updateJan 18, 2023
    • damomine-aleominer-v2.3.6 (Improve GPU performance by 5%. Added the parameter --mode to support eth mining machines. Configure the parameter 0 to mine with only GPU, 1 to mine with cpu+gpu, default is 1. Added the parameter --pool to support joining Aleox mining pool. Run with pool mode, the GPU performance is 5% higher)
    • teamblackminer-v1.80 (Added support for VTC+ETC+ZIL .Mine 3 coins at once. 6gb or more GPU memory needed. Remove rejects during zil switch. Remove rejects Verthash. Fixed "The program didn't exit the autotune mode bug". Reduced the gpu memory usage)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.36.3-beta (Support other pools for nexapow. Fixed curvehash for NVIDIA and RDNA+ gpu's. Now one --user parameter can be used for all failover pools. Fixed dev-fee algorithms for bmw512, heavyhash and skein2 - no more power spikes)
Miners updateJan 16, 2023
    • gminer-v3.26 (Added Firo coin support for Nvidia GPUs. Added Sero coin support for Nvidia GPUs. Optimized memory usage for ZIL dual or triple mining (supports ERG+KAS+ZIL mining on 6GB GPUs). Fixed bug with -di -1 and -zildi -1 (you can disable dual mining on some GPU by passing -1))
Miners updateJan 13, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.36.2-beta (Improved nexapow up to 10-20% depends on GPU. Added parameter --execute-at-start(now --execute will work on nexapow after precompute stage). Extended statistics table with total power consumption and efficiency per gpu)
Miners updateJan 11, 2023
    • damomine-aleominer-v2.3.4 (Decrease the CPU requirements, some ETH mining machine can run Damominer directly. Improve the 3060Ti, 3080 GPU performance and pcie 1x problems)
Dashboard updateJan 10, 2023
    • fixed few bugs and small improvements
Miners updateJan 10, 2023
    • added miner damomine-aleominer for mining ALEO (API support will be added in near future)
Miners updateJan 09, 2023
    • aleo-miner-v1.2.6 (Substantial improvements of mining performance)
    • gminer-v3.24 (Enable dual Kaspa mining while ZIL mining round(for Kaspa+ZIL, ETC+Kaspa+ZIL, Ergo+Kaspa+ZIL). this feature removes Kaspa hashrate drawdown while ZIL mining round, use -zildi / --zildual_intensity to changed dual intensity. Added support of mining to ZIL pools without ZMP protocol support (ezil, k1pool, ...), miner automatically detects right scheme for ZIL connection, however you can select scheme manually: zmp://, zmp+ssl://, ethproxy+tcp://, ethproxy+ssl://, stratum+tcp:// or stratum+ssl://)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.0.1 (Added support for NVIDIA 'Hopper' architecture. Added NVIDIA support for algorithms : UBQHASH, DYNAMO, BLAKE3_IRONFISH. Added GPU OC parameter '--gpu-plimit' [ NVIDIA only ]. Re-added kernels for dual ETHASH/ETCHASH/AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_IRONFISH because of testnet3 [NVIDIA support added]. Fixed detection of NVIDIA GPU's. Fixed compatibility with older NVIDIA drivers. Various fixes for mining on nicehash pools / nicehash mode. Minor bug fixes)
    • tt-miner-v2023.1.0 (Added option to OC core and memory of RTX and newer GPUs. This allows independend settings for regular and alternate coins. New algo Sha256DT for Novo. New coin Novo(NOVO). Changed algo of REDECOIN from Kawpow to ETHASH. Removed nVidia shared libraries from the TT-Miner package (Linux only). Linked static to nvrtc. Fixes an bug that causes invalid shares on Zano if you use -a PROGROWZ and not -coin ZANO)
Miners updateJan 05, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.79 (Removed rejected shares Kawpow (invalid pow bug). Improved default xintensity kawpow. Removed rejects on switch between feemining Vertcoin / Kawpow)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.36.1-beta (Fixed diffferent algorithms for RDNA on newer drivers. Fixed curvehash. Improved sensor handling)
Miners updateJan 04, 2023
    • gminer-v3.22 (Added support of custom OC settings for ZIL mining round, to specify custom OC settings use follow commands: --zilcclock. --zilmclock, --zilpl, --zillock_cclock, --zizlock_mclock (check mine_kaspa+zil_oc.bat/.sh from archive with miner). Selects smaller solver size on GPUs thats not have enough memory to hold ZIL DAG (for Cortex, Grin32 and Aeternity))
    • wildrig-multi-v0.36.0-beta (Added --execute-wait parameter. New statistics table. Improved nexapow up to 10% depends on gpu. Implemented precompute for nexapow on gpu, so RAM requirements should decrease. Improved pufferfish2 for RDNA/RDNA2. Improved nist-family hashfuncs for RDNA/RDNA2(so there should be performance increase on x16-like algorithms, skydoge and so on). Removed coin-specific algorithms that are dead already(0x10, exosis, geek, honeycomb, megamec, mtp, mtp-tcr, polytimos, renesis, sonoa, x17r, wildkeccak))
Miners updateJan 03, 2023
    • aleo-miner-v1.2.5 (Effective reduction in rejection rates. Increased adaptability to 10 series graphics cards)
    • teamblackminer-v1.78 (Kawpow +5% on NVIDIA. Added lib to run on amd only rigs. Option --ssl-verify-none added to disable SSL pool certificate authenticity. Reduced stale shares (Vertcoin). Fixed bug in average hashrate)
Miners updateJan 03, 2023
    • added miner aleo-miner for mining ALEO (API support will be added in near future)
    • added miner rigel for mining etchash (ETC), ethash (ETHW), kheavyhash (Kaspa), zil (Zilliqa) (API support will be added in near future)
    • gminer-v3.21 (Supports ZIL mining via ZMP protocol: single (can be combined with KASPA mining), dual (with any supported algorithm: ETC+ZIL, ERGO+ZIL, KASPA+ZIL, RVN+ZIL, CTXC+ZIL, BTG+ZIL, ...) and triple mining mode (ETC+KASPA+ZIL / ERGO+KASPA+ZIL). to enable dual/triple ZIL mining you need specify ZIL server and ZIL wallet via --zilserver and --ziluser parameters, you may specify multiple ZIL servers (failover servers). check sample .bat/.sh files in miner archive. Improved miner stability)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.0.0 (Added support for NVIDIA architectures : Pascal, Turing, Ampere, Ada Lovelace. Added parameters --disable-gpu-amd, --disable-gpu-nvidia. Added GPU OC parameters --gpu-cclock and --gpu-mclock [NVIDIA Volta and newer]. Removed kernels for dual ETHASH/ETCHASH/AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_IRONFISH)
Miners updateDec 29, 2022
    • gminer-v3.20 (Improved DUAL mining (ETC+KASPA, Ergo+KASPA). Added ability to use fractional intensity values, which leads to higher hash rate
    • Improved Ergo mining hashrate in single mining mode for 10xx and 20xx Nvidia GPUs. Improved compatibility with Kaspa pools (supports KStratum to support mining on Kaspa Node). Improved Kaspa, ETC+Kaspa, Ergo+Kaspa mining performance for GTX 10xx GPUs (up to +5% in single mining mode))
    • teamredminer-v0.10.7 (Added dual ERG+KAS mining support for all supported gpus. Fixed semi-broken dual zil mining for older algos (Nimiq, Argon2, x16r, and others))
Miners updateDec 22, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.65 (Improved Kaspa performance in ETC and ETHW dual mining by about 6-7% on AMD (Big) Navi GPUs and 10-12% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere, measured at the same Ethash speed. The actual improvement depends on the concretely selected dual factor. Re-tuning your setup is highly recommended. Improved Kaspa performance in Kaspa only mining mode by 0.6 to 1.2% on Nvidia GPUs and 0.4-0.5% on AMD (Big) Navi GPUs at approximately same power draw. Beta feature: Added experimental support for AMD RX7900 series. Supported algorithms: Et(c)hash, kHeavyHash and the corresponding dual mining. Fixed some minor display bugs)
    • miniz-v2.0b
Miners updateDec 21, 2022
    • gminer-v3.18 (Overclocking support --cclock, --mclock, --pl, --fan, --tfan. --lock_cclock and --lock_mclock for all Nvidia GPUs (10xx / 20xx / 30xx). Improved hashrate for Kaspa, ETC+Kaspa and Ergo+Kaspa)
Miners updateDec 19, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.1.4 (Added support for gfx1100 (RDNA3 : RX 7900) GPU's (RX 7900 not supported yet by SimpleMining). Fixed hashrate regression on 'autolykos2' algorithm for Vega/Ellesmere GPU's that was introduced unintentionally in an earlier version. Renamed '--adl-disable' parameter to '--gpu-sensors-disable'. Minor bug fixes)
    • tt-miner-v2022.4.2 (Fixed an issue that could cause a 'duplicate share' when using any ProgPoW/KawPow algo. Reduced miningfee for Radiant to 1%. Use Cuda 12.0)
Miners updateDec 16, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.35.3-beta (Improved nexapow up to 40% depends on gpu)
Miners updateDec 15, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.35.2-beta (Initial support of RDNA3(AMD Radeon 7900XT/XTX). Implemented skydoge. Improved devfee logic for nexapow, now it should restart the miner if it can't connect at all. Slight performance increase on nexapow(~0.5-1%))

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