Miners updateNov 29, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.10 (Added fast Ethashb3 support for AMD (old and new cards). Faster Ethashb3 on Nvidia on lower power. Faster cpu verification for less stales and higher poolspeed (ETH/ETC/ETHB3). Improved the pool compability in the Ethashb3 algo. Fixed bug in zil only mode. Sometimes the etchash/ethash dag was calculated at startup. Reduced default verthash intensity to reduce stales. Fixed cpu verification error on Ethproxy pools in the Ethashb3 algo. Fixed api crash in ETH+RVN, ETC+RVN,ETC+ETHB3,ETH+ETHB3 dual mining mode)
Miners updateNov 28, 2023
    • tt-miner-v2023.4.3 (fix: bug in Sha256DT (NOVO-coin). fix: bug in http protocol for Etica. new: coin EGAZ (Etica))
Miners updateNov 27, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.1 (Added algorithm 'karlsenhash' (Karlsen) for GPU mining [AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL], fee 1.0%. Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/SHA256DT on AMD/NVIDIA. Lowered devfee on algorithm 'memehash' to 0.85%. Removed algorithms 'randomxl' and 'randomwow'. Added parameter '--gpu-disable-oc' which completely disables built-in OC functionality. Minor bug fixes)
    • tt-miner-v2023.4.2 (fix: cuda-grid/cuda-clock supports now selectors to allow settings per algo/coin. new coin: Etica (use -c ETI). new algo: SHA3SOLIDITY for ETI)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.39.5 (improved memehash, skydoge and other x-like algorithms on NVIDIA Pascal and Turing. slightly improved rwahash on RDNA3. fixed rejects on some pools like mining4people that sends same job with changed diff. fixed Polaris and Vega support on Linux for x-like algorithms. fixed --zil-another-miner. fixed kawpow and other progpows on pools with switching coins(nicehash, zergpool, zpool, etc.). slightly improved ghostrider for NVIDIA and Intel gpu's(up to 1-2%))
Miners updateNov 24, 2023
    • xmrig-v6.21.0 (Added SNI option for TLS connections. Updated pricing record size for Zephyr solo mining. Zephyr solo mining: handle multiple outputs)
Miners updateNov 23, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.39.2 (significant improvements for skydoge on NVIDIA. removed pufferfish2(waiting for coin to resurrect first). fixed regression on AMD pre-RDNA gpu's for different x-like algorithms)
Miners updateNov 21, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.39.1 (significant improvements for skydoge and all other x-like algorithms. slight improvements for rwahash. returned memehash with improvements and only 0.75% dev-fee. implemented experimental parameter --zil-another-miner, it will pause mining for ZIL PoW Window so another miner (like official ZILMiner that don't miner ZIL all the time) running in parallel can mine with full hashrate. In addition implemented OC parameters like --zil-core-clock and so on)
Miners updateNov 20, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.0 (Added support for algorithm 'cryptonight_xhv' on NVIDIA. Added support for algorithm 'cryptonight_gpu' on NVIDIA. Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM on AMD Ellesmere. Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/SHA512_256D_RADIANT on AMD Ellesmere. Improved performance on algorithm 'autolykos2' for NVIDIA and some AMD. Improved auto tuner for DUAL mining [control A0/A1 ratio with --gpu-dual-max-loss]. Removed algorithm 'dynex'. Removed built-in AMD GPU memory tweaking options. Minor bug fixes
Miners updateNov 17, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.09 (Faster KAWPOW on AMD. Fixed crash. Fixed issue on AMD in zil-only mode. Sometimes non zil dag was created)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.39.0 (lowered default devfee to 0.75% for kawpow, other progpows, heavyhash, sha512256d, skein2 and so on. significant improvement to heavyhash(not a kaspa) on NVIDIA gpu's and AMD RDNA3. removed progpow-quai)
Miners updateNov 15, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.38.4 (fixed progpow family algorithms on NVIDIA non-RTX. slightly improved sha512256d on NVIDIA. fixed default intensities for Radeon RX 7600, 7700 XT, 7800 XT. fixed support of Radeon VII)
Miners updateNov 14, 2023
    • onezerominer-v1.2.6-beta (Add support for dynexsolve 2.3.5 and the new mallob behind the pool protocol. Deprecate --mallob-endpoint (RIP). Currently the only supported pools are neuropool, deepminerz and minenow)
Miners updateNov 13, 2023
    • gminer-v3.42 (improved miner stability)
Miners updateNov 13, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.38.2.3 (improved progpow family algorithms on AMD RDNA3 and NVIDIA RTX gpu's. slightly improved sha512256d for AMD RDNA3. slightly lower power consumption on AMD RDNA1/RDNA2 gpu's for sha512256d. proper default intensity for ghostrider algo for NVIDIA. now Intel iGPU will be skipped, so it won't be listed as gpu 0. implemented --gpu-fan-speed. added reset OC on exit. now AMD APU's will be skipped and not listed as GPU0. implemented support of AMD Vega/VII/MI25/etc. gpu's on newer drivers. fixed broken sha512256d for AMD RDNA2 gpu's)
Miners updateNov 10, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.77b (Fixed a bug causing Alephium and Ironfish mining to not work (bug was new in 1.77))
    • rigel-v1.9.2 (Add PowBlocks mining support (-a powblocks). Remove flora algorithm)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.38.2.1 (improved progpow family algorithms on AMD RDNA3 and NVIDIA RTX gpu's. slightly improved sha512256d for AMD RDNA3. slightly lower power consumption on AMD RDNA1/RDNA2 gpu's for sha512256d. proper default intensity for ghostrider algo for NVIDIA. now Intel iGPU will be skipped, so it won't be listed as gpu 0. implemented --gpu-fan-speed. added reset OC on exit. contains QUAI fix)
Miners updateNov 09, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.77a (Fix bug that prevented you from actually mining Radiant with 1.77)
Miners updateNov 09, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.77 (Added support to mine SHA512_256D used for Radiant (RXD). Use -a RADIANT to mine it, fee is 0.75%. Supported GPUs: AMD RX 470 - 590, Vega and all Navi and newer, Nvidia Pascal and newer. Added support to mine Ethash B3 used for Rethereum (RETH). Use -a ETHASHB3 to mine it, fee is 1.0%. Supported GPUs: AMD Navi and newer, Nvidia Pascal and newer. Added ethash dag correction tables for epochs 13-29 (PowBlocks, XPB), 112-129 (OCTA) and 608 - 619 (ETHW). Fixed a bug in Ethash solvers for AMD Navi and newer and Nvidia GPUs that caused a crash when mining at some low epochs. This fix will allow to mine PowBlocks (XPB). Fixed a bug introduced in 1.76a causing CTXC mining to not work)
    • teamblackminer-v2.08 (Fixed rejected shares for Kawpow on high epoch coins. Fixed issues in RVN+ZIL on AMD. Fixed -verthash-data parameter)
Miners updateNov 07, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.38.1 fixed choosing gpu's when there is skipped one. fixed broken progpow family algorithms since 0.38.0 on AMD and NVIDIA. fixed incorrect intensity for ghostrider algorithm on AMD and NVIDIA. now if use --gpu-memory-clock, miner will set it only after DAG generation. implemented progpow-quai for their Iron Age Testnet node)
Miners updateNov 06, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.38.0 (implemented OC for NVIDIA gpu's(full support of RTX cards only so far))
Miners updateOct 31, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.07 Fixed crash in ETC/ETHB3/ETH mining on linux in all modes. Fixed bug in VTC+ETC and VTC+ZIL mining. Reduced rejected shares)
Miners updateOct 25, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.37.2 (fixed support of old drivers on Linux for RDNA gpu's. significant hashrate improvements for RDNA3(and slight for RDNA1) on skydoge, rwahash and other nist-based family algorithms(like x16r))
Miners updateOct 24, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.06 (Only cache zil dag on miner startup if --zil-only is specified. Disabled autotune kernel in dual mining mode. (the default kernel 1 is used). Fixed ethb3 pool password in dual mining mode. Fixed crash in zil_only mode. Only show zil stats in --zil-only mode)
Miners updateOct 23, 2023
    • wildrig-multi-v0.37.1 (implemented rwahash(GoodMorningNetwork coin). removed memehash and memehashv2)
Miners updateOct 20, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.9 (Fixed invalid shares issue on algorithm 'dynex' [introduced in v2.3.8]. Performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' for some GPU's. Reduced devfee for algorithm 'dynex' to 2.0%. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateOct 18, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.05 (Improved the Kernel Autotune faster default hashing. ETC/ETH/ETHW/ZIL. Added --zil-only options all epocs other than zil will not be mined in dual mining mode. Restore performance Vertcoin on NVIDIA CMP. Fixed crash in kawpow+(dual mode). In dual ETHB3 mode and mixed card rigs AMD cards will only mine the supported coins. --kawpow-xintensity and --verthash-xintensity has been replaced with --dual-xintensity and support for ethashb3 has been added. --help updated with the latest commands)
Miners updateOct 16, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.8 (Added support for NVIDIA 'Volta' architecture - displayed as 'unknown_nvidia' but supported algorithms should work. Dynex bug fixes. Minor bug fixes)
    • teamblackminer-v2.04 (Faster ETHASHB3. Removed delayed kawpow start bug on nvidia)
Miners updateOct 10, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.03 (Fix rejects Kawpow on nvidia. Add Kawpow support for older AMD cards like rx580 (>=opencl 2.0 ). Improved performance on kawpow multipools (Multiple epoc switches). Fixed crash in ETHB3+VTC mining)
Miners updateOct 09, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v2.02 (Added the KAWPOW algo for AMD. Added support for kawpow+zil(etc/eth) on AMD. Miner devfee reduced to 0.5% for all algos and algo combos. Fixed AMD startup bug etchash/ethash. Fixed display bug in output for mixed AMD/NVIDIA rigs and --cl-devices set. Fixed kawpow on Ethproxy pools)
Miners updateOct 04, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.3.7 (Performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateOct 03, 2023
    • rigel-v1.9.1 ((CFX) Fixed low hashrate on CMP cards)
Miners updateOct 02, 2023
    • rigel-v1.9.0 ((CFX) Add octopus algorithm (2% dev fee), including CFX+RXD and CFX+RXD+ZIL, CFX+ALPH and CFX+ALPH+ZIL. Add OCTA+RXD and OCTA+RXD+ZIL mining support)
Miners updateOct 01, 2023
    • bzminer-v17.0.0 (New coin: decred. Added support on Intel Arc GPUs for Decred, Rethereum. Added option restart_on_reconnect. Fixed hive not liking http/https in the pool urls (https is used by default if protocol is not specified). Fixed possible crash on Intel only rigs)
    • onezerominer-v1.2.5 (Hashrate/Efficiency Improvement on some gpus. Added new tuning parameter --nr: This is a per gpu option and is related to the number of rounds done in one iteration. Default is 1 and the values are 1,2,4 and 8. The best value for almost all gpus is either 1 or 2. Make sure you try both --nr 1 and --nr 2 and let the miner find the best --nt value to get a baseline. Note that higher --nr values might lead to more power fluctuations and higher stale shares)

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