Miners updateMay 14, 2022
    • bzminer-v9.1.3 (Much more stable 100% LHR Unlock v1! (supported on drivers 465-511). LHR Unlock stability adjuster --lhr_stability. Lower value is more stable. Added Auto fan control --oc_fan_speed. New rejected shares watchdog. Added command line option --hide_disabled_devices)
    • gminer-v2.94 (fixed performance degradation on FHR cards (appeared in 2.92). Improved performance for LHRv3 GPUs (RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 12GB))
    • lolminer-v1.50 (100% LHR unlock on LHR V1 and V2 GPUs for all algos. Requires Nvidia driver 510.x and sudo/administrator privileges! Added experimental LHR v3 unlock to ~90% (3050) and ~92% (3080 12G) (default enables) Use --lhrv3boost 0 to disable the mode and fall back to ~65% unlock. Fixed a bug in 1.49 causing Ergo mining not to start on Nvidia)
    • nbminer-nebutech-v41.5 (Ethash add 90% LHR unlocker for 3080 12G & 3050. Ergo add LHR unlocker support. Ethash LHR unlocker improve stability)
Miners updateMay 12, 2022
    • gminer-v2.92 (LHR 100% Unlock. Unlocker requirements: driver 510.xx, root privileges)
    • lolminer-v1.50-beta (100% LHR unlock for all LHR affected algorithms on LHR v1 and v2 GPUs. Required drivers: 510.60.02 or 510.68. On other drivers the previous 79% unlock on Ethash will be active. Miner needs admin / root privileges to unlock the cards. The miner will unlock the cards approximately 30 seconds after start. Please make sure all OC operations are completed before. On dual mining the LHR cards will now behave live full hash rate cards. This means dual mining tuning will start approximately 1 Minute after the DAG build is completed)
Miners updateMay 11, 2022
    • t-rex-v0.26.1 (Eethash, Autolykos2 - LHR 100% unlock (except 3080 12GB and 3050). LHR unlocker requires 510.xx NVIDIA drivers)
Miners updateMay 11, 2022
    • bzminer-v9.1.0 (100% LHR Unlock v1! (Unstable, experimental, lower oc's). LHR Unlock stability adjuster --lhr_stability. GDDR5 --oc_mem_tweak. Added pause to end of batch files. Fixed Nvidia oc's sometimes not engaging)
Miners updateMay 10, 2022
    • miniz-v1.8z2
    • nbminer-nebutech-v41.3 (Ethash Improve stability of LHR unlocker. Ethash fix crash on AMD GPUs. Ethash Improve compatibility on rigs with small system memory)
SimpleMining images updateMay 09, 2022
    • SM-i053-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.60.02 (Updated stable image with new NVIDIA driver required for LHR unlock with nbminer version released yesterday)
Miners updateMay 08, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.49 (Improved performance Nvidia LHR V2 cards in Ethash to 79 - 79.5% (86.5 - 87 % on RTX 3060 V1 and 460.39 driver). Note that dual mode codes remain unchanged. Added an experimental zombie mode for Nvidia Pascal generation 5GB cards, allowing them to continue mining Ethash after epoch 492. Reduced fee for LHR unlocker back to 0.7%. Now all Ethash solo codes have only 0.7% fee (again). LHR cards that have memory junction temperature sensors will automatically throttle LHR unlock by ~0.4 - 0.5% when hitting 106° C memory clock to prevent unneeded locks. LHR calibration on startup now taking approx 2 minutes instead of 4. Extended crc table for Ethash up until epoch 550. Changed default behavior for "." signs in wallet address when Ton or Aleph dual mining. These will now automatically separate the string at the given position, so the thing after a . is treated as worker name.
    • Fixed a bug that may cause TLS connections not cleanly reconnecting after a connection loss)
    • nbminer-nebutech-v41.0 (100% LHR unlocker added,. Run nbminer with admin priviledge to get 100% LHR unlock. Tested and verified on drivers 510.60. Other driver versions may have some compatibility issue. Previous LHR mode are removed. Note: If you run into issues, please change driver to recommened versions (use newest SimpleMiningOS image with such driver version), and set your memclock 100 ~ 200mhz lower that previous LHR partial unlock situation
    • phoenixminer-v6.2c (prev phoenixminer-v6.2c-beta now is official stable release)
Miners updateMay 06, 2022
    • bzminer-v9.0.2 (GDDR5 Memory Tweak (--oc_mem_tweak). Fix: solution latency reporting slowly increasing. Fix: Crash at startup in some cases. Fix: Networking performance. Fix: Ixian not submitting found solutions after some time)
Miners updateMay 05, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.63 (Added support for SSL mining / anonymous mining. Reduced GPU memory requirements in copy dag mode (extend life of low memory cards). Fix GPU timeout on AMD cards with high intensity. Some short options changed names)
Miners updateMay 04, 2022
    • phoenixminer-v6.2c-beta (Beta release. Using newer AMD RX470/480/570/580 kernels even on older drivers 19.10, or newer. Use -clabi 1 to revert to older kernels on these drivers. Added workaround for SSL pools with self-signed or expired SSL cert - use -weakssl/-weakssl2. Fixed crash Nvidia cards on some older drivers (e.g. 460.79, 460.89). If PhoenixMiner crashes or exits while showing Initializing NVML... try new -nvmalt. Other small fixes)
    • t-rex-v0.25.15 (Extend new LHR unlock to ETH+ALPH dual mining, and ERGO single mode. LHR tune values aren't accurate, but once you've found a value that's stable for your GPU, you can set it manually with --lhr-tune and get consistent results across miner restarts. LHR Allow setting "up" and "down" auto-tune intervals separately. Change --lhr-autotune-step-size default value to 0.1. LHR Low power mode can be set for GPUs individually --lhr-low-power 0,1,1,0. If you previously had --lhr-low-power in your config, the equivalent would be --lhr-low-power 1. Fix: LHR unlocker is more stable compared to 0.25.12, infinite LHR lock loops should be solved. Fixed ethash, blake3 "Duplicate share" issue. IMPORTANT: LHR unlocker requires 510.xx)
Dashboard updateApr 26, 2022
    • New layout for simplemining.net website.
    • There is also new beautifull dashboard layout in progress that should be released within 1-2 months.
    • For sub-user You can now specify what groups can see that user.
    • New filter rig offline more than XX hour/day
Miners updateApr 28, 2022
    • bzminer-v9.0.0-fix (Just fixed showing dualmining API with zeroes even if mining one algo)
Miners updateApr 27, 2022
    • bzminer-v9.0.0 (New coin: Ixian (Experimental, AMD not yet optimized). Kaspa: Blockchain dev fee added when mining to pool. Kaspa: Fixed crashing after some time. Kaspa: Fixed solo mode ports not closing properly. Kaspa: Fixed invalid extra nonce. Kaspa: Warn if wallet doesn't start with kaspa. Kaspa: Ability to toggle blockchain team dev fee (2%, blockchain_fee). Option to increase dev fee (extra_dev_fee). Internal stability fixes related to logging from multiple threads. Bug fix: tbs < 1 second not displaying properly. Bug fix: Hung GPU not resetting hashrate. Bug fix: Command line intensity not overriding for all devices)
Miners updateApr 25, 2022
    • miniz-v1.8z (Improved performance and stability for ETH for LHR GPUs. Improved performance for RTX 30XX, for 125,4 algo (Flux). Added AMD support for 125,4 (Flux), for RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs. Added FIRO support. GPU brand shows on log. Fixed issues with SERO. Fixed issues with 192,7. Added option to dump pool stratum communication, --protocol-dump. Added options to fix core and mem clocks. (require sudo). --gpuclock to apply list of GPU clocks. --memclock to apply list of memory clocks. --power to apply list of power limits (requires sudo). or -pl. Added option for SOCKS --socks. dded option to let SOCKS proxy resolve DNS requests, --socksdns. Added options --amd/--nvidia to select amd/nvidia GPUs, respectively. Added the short average avg0 to getstat. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateApr 22, 2022
    • nanominer-v3.6.2 (Significantly reduced stale Ethash shares on Nvidia GPUs)
Miners updateApr 21, 2022
    • fahclient-v7.6.21 (new version of Folding@home project help fight global health threats like COVID19, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer)
Miners updateApr 15, 2022
    • t-rex-v0.25.12 (Eethash: Improve LHR unlock functionality (dual modes and autolykos2 LHR performance is unchanged). Expect about 78-79% in normal mode, and 75% in low power mode (see --lhr-low-power). Change default value of --lhr-autotune-mode parameter to down (used to be full). Bug fixes: Memory temperature is not displayed on some GDDR6X cards)
Miners updateApr 15, 2022
    • nanominer-v3.6.1 (Fixed crash during XMR mining on some old CPUs. Improved LHR unlocker stability for some Nvidia driver versions)
Update v1334Apr 13, 2022
    • Sometimes a (some) miner programs error occurs which causes enormous unrealistic hashrate speeds for some one of few graphics cards. From now on, such values for these cards are reset to zero to prevent exaggerated hashrate charts. Additionally, an appropriate message in the console.
Miners updateApr 10, 2022
    • phoenixminer-v6.1b-beta (Beta release. Fixed an issue with expired SSL certificate that led to "certificate verify failed" errors when connecting to some pools (notably Ethermine) when using SSL connections. Now the miner will send SSL SNI host name which may be needed by some pools for SSL certificate validation. To go back to the old behavior (no SNI host name), use the new command-line parameter -nosni. If an Nvidia LHR card locks up because of high -lhr (the default 520 will work with most cards), the card will be unlocked again, and the -lhr value will be lowered if necessary. Other small fixes)
Miners updateApr 08, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.62 (Improved the rejected check before exit. Fix device order when using the --cl-devices to select gpus. Fixed rare crash. Remove rejected shares at the hiveon pool)
Update v1333Apr 08, 2022
    • Disabled non-critical system messages on the LCD (physical monitor connected) to prevent obscuring the screen with unnecessary messages
Update v1332Apr 07, 2022
    • added exception in reboot watchdog when using phoenixminer
    • changed default time server to time.cloudflare.com as default ubuntu.com server caused for bigger clients problems
    • improved removing old miner from rig cache when there is no space left
Miners updateApr 06, 2022
    • bzminer-v8.1.4 (Fixed invalid shares when solo mining Kaspa)
    • srbminer-multi-v0.9.4 (Added algo sha3d (Bsha3, Kylacoin, Yilacoin). Added algo 0x10 (CHOX - ChainOX). Removed parameter --gpu-cn-mode. Fixed some issues)
    • xmrig-v6.17.0 (Added Dero HE (astrobwt/v2) support. Fixed displayed DMI memory information for empty slots)
Miners updateApr 05, 2022
    • cryptodredge-v0.27.0 (Add FiroPoW Algorithm. Add Ethash Algorithm. Add --worker option. Remove no longer supported algorithms)
Dashboard updateApr 01, 2022
    • Fixed problem with login at certain condition (negative balance + 2FA turned ON), this was happening also when reseting password
    • Fixed website crash on certain condition when using google translate
Miners updateApr 05, 2022
    • bzminer-v8.1.2 (LHR Engaged Notification. Increased tbs precision. Notify of unsupported Nvidia Driver. Added support for Kaspa node >=11.15 protocol. Olhash/Kaspa mining pauses when pool/node requests or is not synced. Kaspa template script default wallet includes "kaspa:". Bug Fixes: AMD/Nvidia only causing crash. Locked clocks command argument not overriding config option)
Miners updateApr 01, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.48 (Slightly improved initial speed after startup on 510.x drivers allowing to reach best performance faster. Made the LHR unlocker more robust against small changes in work load. Added Nvidia core junction temperature reading. Change in configuration for making it more comfy: If the number of entries for --cclk, --mclk, --lhrtune or --maxdualimpact matches exactly the number of selected GPUs, the miner will now automatically skip over the inactive devices. --lhrtune 0 is now semantically identical to --lhrtune off. Fixes: Changed handling of user/wallet names containing one or multiple dots. Fixed a bug causing LHR unlock not working when too many GPUs needed to perform DAG repair in Aleph dual mining. Fixed a bug causing RTX 3050 & RTX 3080 12GB to have extremely low Ethash performance when dual mining. Fixed a bug causing dual mining hash rate on FHR cards not showing up during dual mine calibration in 1.47. Fixed a bug causing --lhrtune off occasionally not to work in 1.47)
Update v1331Apr 01, 2022
    • Fixed watchdog reboots in some cases on AMD GPUs
Miners updateApr 01, 2022
    • gminer-v2.91 (Improved LHR lock detection. Decreased time of unlocking)

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