Update v1341Sep 16, 2022
    • Shorter GPU model names in rig details
    • srbminer-multi API with dual-minnig support
    • fixed API GPU ordering for bzminer
    • other small improvements
Advanced Command updateAug 12, 2022
    • Fixed Reflash Command with no remember WiFi settings after reflashing.
Update v1339Jul 12, 2022
    • rig hostname will now be set to rig name which will be visible in ssh and dhcp routers (change will be applied on fresh reboot)
Update v1337Jul 04, 2022
    • increased API error message timeout when miner starts very slowly
    • fixed duplicate "rig update" messages in console
    • fix hashrate ignoring very big (broken values) from miner API
    • octominer: improved octominer hardware detection
    • octominer: updated binary
    • octominer: added autofan (chasis fans) for improve GPU fans work
    • octominer: collecting more stat data (fans, psus, temps, humidity etc) - will be presented in dashboard in future
    • fixed NVIDIA VRAM temperature readings with zero value or/and freezing stats
    • prevent rig stats from some output errors in console
Update v1335May 24, 2022
    • NEW feature - when you change miner on multiple rigs then all of them would normally download package from internet at once. This was stupid and caused load on your internet connection plus long time to download on slower internet connection or on high number of rigs. With this new feature only few of your rigs will download package from internet and then they will share this package locally via LAN network to each other. This feature works automatically and no additional configuration is needed as always :) In case of any issues with that feature, please contact support
    • Changed default download repository. If there will be any low speed issues please let us know !
    • NTP servers changed to cloud flare
Advanced Command updateMay 19, 2022
    • Reflash Command improved download speed in some cases and with second repository support
    • Download and Host command improved also with faster download and second repository support
Update v1334Apr 13, 2022
    • Sometimes a (some) miner programs error occurs which causes enormous unrealistic hashrate speeds for some one of few graphics cards. From now on, such values for these cards are reset to zero to prevent exaggerated hashrate charts. Additionally, an appropriate message in the console.
Update v1333Apr 08, 2022
    • Disabled non-critical system messages on the LCD (physical monitor connected) to prevent obscuring the screen with unnecessary messages
Update v1332Apr 07, 2022
    • added exception in reboot watchdog when using phoenixminer
    • changed default time server to time.cloudflare.com as default ubuntu.com server caused for bigger clients problems
    • improved removing old miner from rig cache when there is no space left
Update v1331Apr 01, 2022
    • Fixed watchdog reboots in some cases on AMD GPUs
Update v1330Mar 30, 2022
    • Added new watchdog error definitions
    • Fixed watchdog long rebooting without dmesg console content
    • Other improvements
Update v1329Mar 11, 2022
    • Prevent watchdog from rebooting rig caused by miniz non-critical errors.
    • Fixed watchdog not rebooting rig if error occurred in first minutes of uptime rig.
    • Fixed API for TeamRedMiner dual mining with displayed values on rig list.
    • Added dual mining API support for bzminer.
    • Fixed blank screen on LCD monitor on NVIDIA rigs (may require using newest SimpleMining image)
Update v1327Feb 23, 2022
    • Added dualmining hashrate display for TeamRedMiner, PhoenixMiner. t-rex, gminer
    • Fixed Navi10/12 core and memory clock reading on newest drivers
    • Other small fixes and improvements
Update v1325Feb 08, 2022
    • Added API support for bzminer
    • Fixed API for lolMiner 1.43+
    • Faster rig updates
    • Added AMD 6500 XT GPU name
    • Added new error definition to watchdog system autoreboot
Update v1324Jan 12, 2022
    • Added support for BC-160 Memory Overclocking and fixed GPU name
    • Updated nvflash to version 5.728.0 (Now supports GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti, 3060, 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070, 2060, 1660, 1650, 1080 Ti, 1080, 1070, 1060, 1050 and many more)
    • Disk writes speedup (most noticeable change on slow pendrives in faster new miner running, faster updates)
    • Added CUDA 11.5 definition
Update v1323Dec 21, 2021
    • Basic console parser for danila-miner for (only) summary hashrate value
    • Fixed API for srbminer-multi with zero hashrate value on rig lis
    • Updated amdmeminfo for proper display some new definitions of RX 580 GPUs
    • Updated amdmemorytweak tool for support some new definitions of RX 580 GPUs
Advanced Command updateDec 16, 2021
    • OS Reflash (Faster downloading image file. Less library dependencies required on some external systems. Now works even on read-only file systems (eg. broken system))
    • Download and Host image (Faster download image file on newest SimpleMining based systems. Now works also on read-only file systems)
Update v1321Nov 29, 2021
    • Added watchdog preventing virtual disk full for miner running with logfile options enabled.
    • Added teamblackminer API support.
Update v1320Nov 04, 2021
    • fixed missing GPU model for some rigs with internal AMD GPU onboard
    • preparation for next dashboard update
Update v1319Sep 30, 2021
    • Added colors in Debug Console
    • Fixed console colors for nbminer
    • Added wlan interface mac address support if ethernet network card not present
Update v1318Sep 22, 2021
    • Added new PCI ID AMD RX 6000 series definitions
    • Fixed local miner cache on rigs
    • Fixed API in latest bminer versions
Update v1315Aug 13, 2021
    • added official support for RX6600XT - the good oc values are: core 1250, memory 1050, UV 675, MVDD 1300, MVDDCI 800. To OC even more you can rise memory up to 1075 and lower UV to 625. You must be using latest beta image with 6600XT support as well.
    • fixed gminer stats readings
    • small fix for OS reflash process
Update v1313Jul 15, 2021
    • Now rigs are sending data to api.simplemining.net instead of simplemining.net domain
    • Fixed API for xmrig miner on AMD
    • Fixed API for miniz version 1.8y3
Update v1312Jun 26, 2021
    • fixed system RAM memory information in RigDetails
    • fixed GPU fan showing more than 100% values
    • added cloudflare error message handling
Advanced Command update Jun 09, 2021
    • OS reflash (Fixed possible issue with SimpleRigResetter SRR watchdog that could reboot rig before finish reflashing. The problem could only occur in rare cases and with only very slow pendrives)
Update v1311May 31, 2021
    • Improved sending dmesg console data (now bit more information from boot process)
    • Added information about update version in info/motd ssh terminal console
Update v1310May 26, 2021
    • Added OC support mvdd and mvddci for AMD 6700XT, 6800, 6800XT, 6900XT
    • Fixed error message "no such file" during OC affected in version 1309
Advanced Command updateMay 24, 2021
    • OS reflash (Fixed issue with watchdog on Octominer rigs. Improved and slightly accelerated write process)
NVIDIA RTX3060 unlock hashrateMay 15, 2021
    • RTX3060 can now hash 30-40% faster when you use meet two things. You use special OS image and newest lolminer 1.29. First You need to reflash your rig with special image. Select rig and set Actions,Advanced commands, select image called NV 3060 only and confirm. You an also download and reflash image manually https://download.simplemining.net/images/archive/SM-5.4.98-1-a20.40-n460.39-v1304.img.xz . Then you just need to use newest lolminer 1.29. If You have any trouble ask on our discord.
Update v1309May 12, 2021
    • New feature Core Lock for Nvidia. In Core MHz field you can type as usual core offset from -1000 to 499 and this will decrease or increase base GPU core. New feature core lock is activated when you enter value bigger or equal 500. This is usefull for mining ETH on Nvidia GPUs 1660, RTX2xxx, RTX3xxx. Check what core clock currently is using your GPU and you can type that value directly in oc clock field. This will force GPU to stay at this clock and it might use 5-15 less watts. Powerlimit you can leave the same as it was before. RTX3060 takes normally 113W and by using core lock 1700-1800 it went down to 107W. RTX 3070 using value 1245 it went from 130W to 110W. High end RTX have very small savings. GTX10xx series should not be using that as it might give you oposite. Powerlimit should be considered as safe limit but if it is too low then core lock will not reach its value.
    • New Delayed Nvidia OC. From this update powerlimit is applied as always before miner program starts. OC Core and OC Memory is applied 60 seconds after miner starts that is after DAG file is loaded into GPU, this allows Nvidia OC to be more stable on higher clocks.
    • Improved sending dmesg in force reboot (Improved debug console sending during rig reboot via miner watchdogs)
    • Fix error ssh server running on first time image running
    • Added Ubuntu version to motd/info command in terminal console
    • Disable remote ssh root login for increase security

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