Miners updateJul 22, 2024
    • rigel-v1.18.1 ((XEL) Performance/efficiency improvements. (XEL) Remove --enable-fork support for xelishash algorithm. Use -a xelishashv2 instead. Bug fixes: (XEL) Invalid shares when mining to a node)
Miners updateJul 17, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.7 (Xelis: Minor performance improvement on some cards. Zil: Reduce the switching delay with applying the OC settings in parallel)
Miners updateJul 15, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.9.16 (updated)
    • onezerominer-v1.3.6 (Xelis: Efficiency improvement, Add support for solo mining (--xelis-solo), Add algo alias xelishashv2)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.9 (Added AVX512 support for CPU algorithm 'xelishashv2')
Miners updateJul 12, 2024
    • tt-miner-v2024.3.2-cuda12.4 (New: CPU-Algo XELIS (version 2) and related coin XEL. New: EPIC and any CPU algo is now joinable. Fix: fixes a bug with the extranonce for spectre-pools)
Miners updateJul 11, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.5 (Xelis: Add support for xelishashv2(2% dev fee). Xelis: Remove xelishashv1. Dynex: Disable snapshot by default. Dynex: Add --enable-snapshot flag. Drop the support for GPUs with compute capability lower than 6.0)
Miners updateJul 10, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.4.0 (Warthog: Fixed auto-change to verus 2.2. Nexa: Fixed rare connection bug)
    • tt-miner-v2024.3.1-cuda12.4 (Fix: Support for ExtraNonce for SpectreX. Fix: Add Keep-Alive for EPIC stratum protocol)
Miners updateJul 09, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.8.8 (Solved the problem of abnormal exit of mining process under high difficulty)
    • nanominer-v3.9.2 (Fixed ProgPOW algorithms (kawpow, firopow) on Nvidia on some Linux computers; Added Alephuim support on AMD and Nvidia GPUs; Added Pyrin support on AMD GPUs; Fixed FishHash (IronFish) on RDNA1; Fixed VerusCoin on Luckpool)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.8 (Added algorithm 'xelishashv2' [Xelis] for CPU mining, fee 2.0%. Added algorithm 'karlsenhashv2' [Karlsen] for GPU mining [AMD/NVIDIA], fee 1.0%. Fixed miner crashing on 'ghostrider' based algorithms if no huge pages were available. Minor bug fixes)
    • tt-miner-v2024.3.0-cuda12.4 (Support of native CPU algos. New: CPU-Algo FLEX. New: CPU-Algo SpectreX. New: CPU-Algo Ghostrider. New support for Spectre(SPR) coin. New: Option -hpt (High Priority Threads) - increases the priority of the mining threads for one step to 'Above Normal'. Fix: Devices are sorted by PCI number now. Fix: Show CPU frequency & Usage)
Miners updateJul 08, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.8.4 (updated)
    • rigel-v1.18.0 ((XEL) Add xelishashv2 algorithm (dev fee 2%), including +ZIL. (XEL) Add xelishash -> xelishashv2 auto-switch)
Miners updateJul 05, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.6.4 (updated)
Miners updateJul 03, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.5.0 (updated)
Miners updateJul 02, 2024
    • aleo-miner-v2.0.0 (New version has new options syntax: -u stratum+tcp://aleo-asia.f2pool.com:4400 -w accountname.workername)
    • rqiner-cuda-v0.8.0 (Adjusted GPU algorithm for EP114 changes)
Miners updateJul 01, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.3.0 (Updated Warthog to support upcoming verus 2.2 change. Lowered delay between Warthog rpc calls to node)
Update v1364Jun 21, 2024
    • improved rig reporting frequency. After entering rig, it will update its status within 5 seconds. Previously due to small bug in some cases there was lag up to 20s or even up to 60 seconds.
Miners updateJun 20, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.8.0 (Adjusted algo parameters for EP114)
Miners updateJun 18, 2024
    • miniz-v2.4d (Improvements for KarlsenHash and PyrinHash algorithms. Added AMD support for Equihash 192,7, PyrinHash, and KarlsenHash algos)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.7 (Improved performance on algorithms 'ghostrider' and 'mike'. Improved performance on algorithm 'flex' for AVX2 CPU's. Miner now automatically allocates the needed number of huge pages on Linux (must run with root privileges). Removed parameters: '--disable-cpu-optimisations', '--disable-hw-aes'. Randomx bug fixes. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJun 07, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.7.0 (Compatible from EP112. up to 2x it/s. v0.6.1 (CPU) and v.0.6.0 (GPU) will no longer work)
Miners updateJun 05, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.2.0 (Updated Dynex for algo change. Updated Dynex auto chip tuning. Fixed instant crashes for many people (Default disable_cpu_metrics to true))
    • rigel-v1.17.4 ((XEL) Efficiency improvements (~5%). (XEL) Add --tune parameter to set tuning values manually for consistent hashrate across miner restarts. Bug fixes: (XEL+ZIL) Miner crashes if launched during a ZIL session)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.6 (Added algorithm 'flex' [Kylacoin] for CPU mining, fee 2.0%. Added algorithm 'randomxeq' [Equilibria] for CPU mining, fee 0.85%)
Miners updateMay 28, 2024
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.5 (Added support for dual mining FISHHASH/KARLSENHASH on AMD RDNA/RDNA2/RDNA3. Performance improvement on algorithm 'xelishash' for AMD GPU's and AVX2 CPU's [up to ~13% depending from gpu]. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMay 27, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.4 (Dynex: Add support for the new enhanced core algorithm. Xelis: Performance Improvement. This version only supports pool mining. Note: The main target of Xelis optimization is Pascal gpus(p106-100 44 kh/s stock). This is a new implementation and needs it's own OC settings for best efficiency)
    • rigel-v1.17.3 ((XEL) Performance / efficiency improvements (~10%). Notes: In this version the miner needs about 2 minutes to tune internal parameters to achieve higher hashrate. It will print a message in the console when the tuning is over. Bug fixes: GPU memory temperatures are not displayed on 555+ drivers)
Miners updateMay 24, 2024
    • rqiner-cuda-v0.6.0 (Optimized EP109 CUDA miner)
Miners updateMay 20, 2024
    • rigel-v1.17.2 ((XEL) Performance / efficiency improvements (~10%))
Miners updateMay 17, 2024
    • rqiner-v0.6.1 (Compatible with Core epoch 109 changes (difficulty increased again and workset size doubled so expect lower it/s and higher memory requirements). Reduced memory to ~150MB/thread. Improved performance by ~20-50%)
Miners updateMay 16, 2024
    • qubic.li-client-v1.9.7 (Fixed AVX2 auto detection)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.4 (Added support for GPU mining algorithm 'xelishash' [Xelis] on AMD GPU's, fee 2.0%. Performance improvement on algorithm 'xelishash' for CPU's. Fixed mining of algorithm 'blake3_decred' broke in previous version. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMay 15, 2024
    • rigel-v1.17.1 ((XEL) Add experimental solo mining support (solo+tcp://...). (XEL) Performance / efficiency improvements. Tip: locking GPU memory to 5000mhz doesn't always work well on this version. Some cards perform better with a memory offset instead. Bug fixes: (UI) Miner uptime is not always reported in the log)
Miners updateMay 14, 2024
    • srbminer-multi-v2.5.3 (Added algorithm 'randomtuske' [Tuske Network] for CPU mining, fee 0.85%. Added algorithm 'xelishash' [Xelis] for CPU mining, fee 0.85%*. Minor performance improvement on 'randomx' based algorithms. DevFee for 'randomscash' algorithm lowered to 0.85%. Fixed mining on AMD BC-250 for algorithms : AUTOLYKOS2, AUTOLYKOS2/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM/BLAKE3_DECRED, ETHASH/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM, ETHASHB3/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM, FISHHASH/BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM. Fixed invalid shares on a few algorithms broke in previous version. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMay 13, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.3 (Add support for Stratum protocol (Vipor proposal). Add --xelis-solo option. Default is Stratum pool mining unless this flag is set or the server port is 8080)
    • rigel-v1.17.0 ((XEL) Add xelishash algorithm (dev fee 3%), including +ZIL. Only stratum mode is supported https://github.com/vipor-net/xelis-stratum-protocol. Supported pools as of now: Vipor.net (pre-production pool.vipor.io:5077), K1Pool (port 9351), BaikalMine (port 9030), XelPool (port 9351))
    • rqiner-v0.5.2 (Improved performance by ~10-30% from 0.5.0 to 0.5.1 and next 20-30% in 0.5.2)
Miners updateMay 07, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.1.5 (New Coin: aidepin. New Coin: aipg. Warthog: Optimized and fixed some stability issues. Warthog: Fixed crashing from previous beta. Warthog: Added CPU metrics. Warthog: Fixed CPUs showing up as GPU. Dynex: Fixed crashes every hour or so. New option: warthog_cache_config default is 0. New option: warthog_max_ram_gb is now a decimal. New option: disable_cpu_metrics set this to true if you experience crashing at startup. x NOTE: Please wait 10-15 minutes for results to reach a balance and stabilize. NOTE: Please reset all warthog_verus_hr_target configs)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.21 (GPU: Added fishhash support for Vega family, Navi10 and Navi20 (use -a fishhash))
Miners updateMay 06, 2024
    • xelis-gpu-miner-3DPTheAllFather-v0.9.2 (New miner for GPU Mining)
    • xelis-miner-DeroLuna-v0.3 (New miner for CPU Mining)
Miners updateMay 06, 2024
    • bzminer-v21.1.4b8 (Warthog: Added node RPC support (to connect to node, use http://ipaddress:port). Warthog: Fixed crashing from previous beta. Warthog: Optimized and fixed some stability issues. Warthog: Added CPU metrics (only linux has power and temp currently). Warthog: new option warthog_cache_config default is 0. Warthog: option warthog_max_ram_gb is now a decimal. NOTE: Please wait 10-15 minutes for results to reach a balance and stabilize. NOTE: Please reset all warthog_verus_hr_target configs)
    • onezerominer-v1.3.2 (Xelis: Performance improvement. Fix an important bug related to the watchdog. Multiple fixes with +Zil. Drop the default max-memory to 70 (use --max-memory to adjust if you need to). Minor bug fixes)
    • rigel-v1.16.3 ((PYI) Minor performance improvements (~1%). (IRON) Reduce the number of stale shares. Detect which GPU crashed the miner more reliably. (UI) Display the number of crashes a GPU caused across miner restarts. Notes: A new Err column will appear in the GPU stats table after the first crash. Only soft crashes are detected - the ones that can be recovered from by the built-in watchdog restarting the miner (make sure the miner is not run with --no-watchdog). (UI) Hide Inv column if --cpu-check is not set Bug fixes: (ERG+GRAM) Performance regression introduced in 1.16.2)
Miners updateMay 04, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.1 (Add support for Xelis(xel) coin(Solo mining with 3% dev fee). Dual mining with Xelis+Zil(refer to the sh/bat files in the packages for sample commands). Multiple nodes support. Add --max-memory(alias to --chips-memory) for controlling the amount of allocated GPU memory)

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