Install (flash) Gpu OS image

How to flash OS image to USB flash drive, SSD or HDD?

Check Video Tutorial

Motherboard BIOS settings:

  • Upgrade bios to newest (important in case of problems)
  • Set boot device to USB drive or HDD/NVME depends of your disk
  • Enable 4G encode
  • Set PCI-E support to Auto
  • Enable onboard graphics (PEG → IGD)
  • Plug your monitor into the ONBOARD graphics card
  • Optionally enable S5 sleep support (South Bridge" or "Chipset" and it is called like: S5, ERP, Wakeup event=OS, Deep sleep or Alarm by OS)

Common method of flashing SimpleMiningOS using your Mac/Windows PC/Laptop:

Download flashing utility
  • Download SimpleMiningOS image from Download & Install section
  • Open balenaEtcher
  • Flash OS image using above tool to any HDD/SDD/NVMe/USB drive (If you do not see drive then set "unsafe mode" in settings but be careful not to flash this to drive where you have your system or files!)
  • Do not format any of partition even if your system request such operation
  • Log into dashboard
  • Click "Add Rig" button on your Rig List and press "Allow adding rigs for 12 hours" button.
    • If you have already working rigs in the same LAN network then just boot rig and it will configure itself automatically within 1 minute
  • Set your email using one of method (only needed for first rig in LAN network)
    a) Edit config.txt file on partition labeled SMOS_CONFIG (remember to eject/safely remove usb)
    b) Type directly on LCD screen during first boot
    • connect LCD monitor and proceed with instructions
    • having connected PC speaker will guide you thru process:
      3 short beeps - type your email address and press ENTER (next 3 beeps - repeat that step again for validation)
      2 short beeps - email is accepted and saved and rig will connect to your account
      1 long beep - email syntax is invalid or email does not match and whole procedure starts again with 3 short beeps
  • After booting your rig will appear in Dashboard RigList
  • Go to Group Config → Select your miner program and enter your options
Image etching process
Editing config file

Migrating from other linux based mining OS (can be used as batch method for reflashing many rigs using ssh command)

You can enter this command as user root on existing linux based rig. It will download SimpleMiningOS image and flash on your drive. This will ERASE your current drive and all its data! Be sure to replace image file name from here and email in command below:bash <(curl -k -4 -s SM-image-name.img.xz

Bootable USB with SimpleMiningImager tool (fastest method for batch 10+ flash deployments when rigs do not have any OS on drive)

Usually for bigger deployments or rigs that are clean or rigs that have NVME (PCI-E) or mSATA/SSD drives and you do not want to pull them out of motherboard. This method will ERASE your current drive and all its data on all attached drives! Basically you are booting your rig from special SimpleMiningImager USB bootable pendrive which automatically flash your existing drives in rig with provided image. Download Imager tool: SMI-v5.0.img.xz (260 MB) and flash it to 16+ GB pendrive. This tool is BIOS/UEFI (MBR/EFI) boot mode compatible. After flashing USB you will see partition labeled SMOS_IMAGER on which you need to copy SimpleMiningOS image you want to flash your rigs with (from download section). Then just edit config.txt file and put your email address here. You can also edit options.txt file in which you can set mode: interactive with user interaction, or automatic mode with automatic flash drives with reboot/power off action after finish. Save those files, umount pendrive using safety feature in Windows/Mac. Plug this pendrive into rig that has already one drive and boot that rig from USB pendrive. In interactive mode SMI will wait for insert one or more flashdrives, pressing ENTER will start process. In automatic modes SMI will automatically start flashing all inserted flash drives. In all modes SMI will set up your email address in flashed drives make it full ready to use. When you set reboot feature, you can instantly remove USB pendrive and let the rig be booted from drive.

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