Miners updateMar 26, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.1.0 (Slight improvement to kaspa hashrate/efficiency. Fixed duplicates on algos nexa, ironfish, zil (and every other algo that may have possibly had the same issue). Fixed autofan crashing on nvidia 400 drivers. Fixed alph stale job rejects. Fix discord logging)
    • gminer-v3.31 (Increased hashrate for Conflux (Octopus), Conflux + Kaspa and Conflux + Kaspa + Zil)
    • lolminer-v1.72 (Improved Nexa mining performance by 4% on AMD Vega, Navi and Big Navi gpus and by 2-3% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere gpus)
    • rigel-v1.3.10 ((Nexa) Performance/efficiency improvements. As with the previous version, set --kernel 2 to use a more energy efficient implementation for low-end/mid-range 30xx GPUs, otherwise the miner will aim for maximum hashrate even at a cost of higher power draw)
Miners updateMar 23, 2023
    • xmrig-v6.19.1 (Bug fixes)
Dashboard updateMar 22, 2023
    • changed restart count behaviour. Counter will show you count from last "clear counter" action as usual but from max 24 hours. This is dedicated for people who never clear counters and have 1000+ numbers there :)
    • fixed rig list "only reboots" filter
    • other smaller improvements not worth to write about
Miners updateMar 22, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.0.2 (Fixed rejected shares bug (removed debug code causing delayed network processing times))
    • gminer-v3.30 (NOTE: GMiner v3.29 was removed due critical bug in parsing of job difficulty for Octopus algorithm, please do not use GMiner v3.29)
Miners updateMar 21, 2023
    • gminer-v3.29 (added Conflux(Octopus) support for Nvidia GPUs. added Conflux + Kaspa dual mining support for Nvidia GPUs. added Conflux + Kaspa + Zil triple mining support for Nvidia GPUs. improved handling of Zil connection, fixed bug with stopping Zil mining once connection loss for 5+ minutes (thanks to FlexPool for helping with testing))
Miners updateMar 21, 2023
    • bzminer-v14.0.1 (Fixed nexa low pool shares bug. Fixed ironfish benchmark option (--test). Added nexa support for pool.kryptex.com. Improved nexa hashrate. Added nexa support for Polaris (400/500) AMD cards. Added ironfish algo (solo mining supported with ironfish miners:pools:start default port 9034). Added etc + ironfish. Added ethw + ironfish. Improved autofan (eg. "t:65[35-100]"). Fixed alph rejects when using wallet.worker on herominers. Fixed duplicate shares on nexa (pool 137). Fixed zil_wallet and zil_pool (in hive?) with nexa issue using nexa wallet. Fixed random crashes on reconnects. Fixed alph duplicates. Fixed parallel mining cpu usage issue. Fixed split/alternate mining with +zil causing downtime. Fixed sometimes overwriting power limit set outside bz. Fixed high latency issue. Fixed oc indexing when disabled cards are present)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.3 (Improved mining performance on algorithm 'dynex' for AMD/NVIDIA. Added fan control for NVIDIA GPU'S : --gpu-fan0, --gpu-fan1, --zil-fan parameters. Added support for gfx900 on ROCM drivers for algorithm 'dynex'. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMar 19, 2023
    • lolminer-v1.71 (Added support for mining Kaspa on AMD RX Vega using rocm based drivers (amdgpu-pro 20.50 and newer). Added support for mining Nexa on AMD RX 400 & 500 series gpus. Improved Nexa mining performance on AMD Vega based gpuss by 45% (Vega 56 & Vega 64) and up to 60% on Radeon VII, Note: needs still drivers that are HSA based as very new amdgpu-pro versions or rocm drivers. Improved Nexa mining performance on all other supported AMD & Nvidia Turing and Ampere gpus by 1.5 - 3% depending on model. Fixed a bug causing Vega GPUs not starting to mine Nexa on systems with xnack feature enabled)
Miners updateMar 16, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.2 (Moved CPU part of the POUW work for algorithm 'dynex' on NVIDIA GPU's to the GPU. Better utilization of CPU's that have more threads than running GPU's for algorithm 'dynex'. Parameter '--dynex-cpu-pow' now expects GPU id's of devices on which you want to use the old CPU POW method. Increased value of auto intensity a little bit under Linux OS for algorithm 'dynex'. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateMar 15, 2023
    • miniz-v2.0c4 (Added support for ZMP. For zmp support you can write --url=zmp://ZIL_Wallet.Worker_Name@server. Added --memoffset2, --coreoffset2, and --power2 options for setting OCs for ZIL dual mining. Added --zil-init option for miniZ to generate, and log, Zil dag at startup. Fixed issue with invalid shares with ZIL mining. Fixed issue with CFX + ZIL mining. Fixed issue with 150,5 invalid shares. Fixed issue with progpow invalid shares)
Miners updateMar 13, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.1 (Moved CPU part of the POUW work for algorithm 'dynex' on AMD to the GPU. Added parameter '--dynex-cpu-pow' which uses the old way of 'dynex' hashing. Added parameter '--gpu-reset-oc' which resets OC settings to their default values on miner start [NVIDIA]. Removed auto-tune for algorithm 'dynex'. Bug fixes for algorithm 'dynex')
Miners updateMar 10, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.4.0 (Improved nexa hashrate/efficiency. Fixed nexa extra nonce rejected shares issue (affected pool137 but possibly other pools too). Fixed nexa stopped finding shares in some situations. Fixed hung gpu on amd with +zil (and some other algos). Fixed some initial nexa and nexa+zil amd crashes. Fixed radiant not setting extra nonce correctly on some pools. Fixed radiant and kaspa amd driver issues. Fixed Ergo rejected shares (not updating dag for new blocks))
    • lolminer-v1.70 (Improved Nexa mining performance by 6 - 8% on all supported GPUs (except AMD Vega / VII). Improved power efficiency of Nexa mining)
Dashboard updateMar 10, 2023
    • NEW - we are accepting ApplePay, Gpay, Mastercard and Visa !
Miners updateMar 09, 2023
    • rigel-v1.3.9 ((Nexa) Add --kernel parameter to switch between different nexapow implementations)
Miners updateMar 08, 2023
    • srbminer-multi-v2.2.0 (Added algorithm 'dynex' (DYNEX coin) for GPU mining, fee 3.0%* [AMD/NVIDIA]. Added dynex specific parameter '--mallob-endpoint'. Fixed 'blake3_ironfish' algorithm [also for DUAL modes]. Fixed 'sha256dt' algorithm for Nvidia ADA and HOPPER architectures. Added parameter '--disable-ptx-check' [nvidia]. Fixed bugs with NVIDIA OC parameters)
Miners updateMar 07, 2023
    • dynexsolve-v2.2.5 (Fix: Last GPU with lower chips. MALLOB: INVALID TIMESTAMP improvement. Kernel check and hang GPU hang detection. Stability improvements)
Miners updateMar 04, 2023
    • rigel-v1.3.8 ((Nexa) performance improvements (mainly Turing, high-end Ampere, and Ada GPUs))
Miners updateMar 03, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.3.0 (Finally added AMD for nexa support! Fixed +zil on AMD. Improved dual mining switching (+zil, alternate, optimized, and parallel mining). Now showing estimated time before next switch when alternate mining)
    • lolminer-v1.69 (Added Nexa support for AMD Vega / VII (1) and RDNA 1-3 GPUs (2). The parameter --keepfree can now be used to keep a certain amount of memory free on each GPU on Nexa mining. This might end up in allocating a smaller lookup table, so the GPU memory has space left for other workloads (3). The --keepfree parameter is now working for each GPU separately. Use a comma separated list of values if you want to assign different values for each GPU. Nexa mining will now allocate memory for each GPU sequentially and delay later cards startup slightly to help systems with small virtual memory)
    • nanominer-v3.7.7 (Added RDNA3 support)
Miners updateMar 02, 2023
    • dynexsolve-v2.2.4 (Continuous power draw (no more power cycles). Distributed hashing over multiple CPU threads (pool hash-rate matching reported hash-rate). Performance increase over previous versions (HR). Significantly reduced rejected shares, more stability. Improved ODE integration scheme, now showing how close to the solution reward the miner is (LOCAL MINIMA = 0 = solution reward). New command line parameter "-intensity" (default: 8192) which sets the number of CUDA blocks. Fixed download of computation file CNF. Streamlined logging. General stability fixes and code cleanup. Miner stops after 20 consecutive rejected shares. Significantly improved hardening against tampering or malicious usage. AMD Support: will be offered by commercial miners. Slow CPU support: this version will be as fast as it gets as for CPU hashing, the only way to support slow CPUs further is to use GPU for hashing, too (but it will need some of your memory). This will be offered by the commercial miners. Further hash-rate improvements will potentially be seen by the commercial miners, too)
Miners updateFeb 25, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.92 (Added --verthash-xintensity and --kawpow-xintensity to set intensity for the dual mining mode. Improved the gpu switching code. Removed/reduced job not found rejects on some pools. Fixed api issues. Improved performance Verthash algo on nvidia (+5%))
SimpleMining images updateFeb 24, 2023
    • SM-i066d-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv525.78.01-u20 (New stable image based on latest beta image)
Miners updateFeb 24, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.2.1 (Fixed zil window not mining. Fixed nexa on 8gb cards. Fixed some rejects on some nexa pools. Fixed reconnects causing hang (never reconnecting). Fixed zil core offset not applied when nexa lock is specified. Fixed neoxa, meowcoin, ravencoin invalid shares. Fixed hiveos crashing bz when mining rvn. Fixed pool stat caryover after reconnects)
Miners updateFeb 23, 2023
    • bzminer-v13.2.0 (Improved Nexa hashrate/efficiency (Nvidia, continued joint effort with Lolliedieb from lolMiner). Fixed +zil not mining issue. zil "pool hr" now only counts for time zil was mined. Fixed logging issues (random characters and log freeze after some time))
    • lolminer-v1.68 (Significantly improved Nexa mining performance on supported GPUs (e.g. up to +25% on 8G Ampere GPUs). Fixed a bug that can make the miner crash with error message "Authorization problem on all configured pools 1" during Nexa mining. General note: The Nexa gpu codes are (and will be in foreseeable future) joint work with Iedoc from BzMiner. Miner fees will be evenly shared regardless of which of these two flavors of the code you prefer)
    • rigel-v1.3.7 ((Nexa) Minor performance improvements. (Nexa) Echelon protocol support. (UI) Display GPU efficiency information (hashrate per watt). Bug fixes: Miner fails to lock core/memory clocks sometimes)
Miners updateFeb 21, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.91 (Faster gpu thread exit in all algos. Less rejects, more ZIL hash. Fixed crash in dual mining mode. Fixed api issues)
Miners updateFeb 19, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.90 (Fixed Zil Powerlimit sometimes didn't reset the limit. Improved scheduling during ZIL pow. Small speedup)
Miners updateFeb 18, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.89 (Added support for ETH+RVN, ETH+VTC dual and tripple mining with zil. Added shares and hashrate for each pool in the api. Removed duplicate share bug from 1.88 that caused some rejected shares. Fixed crash when mining at nicehash.com. Fixed issues with the API in dual mining mode)
Miners updateFeb 17, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.88 (Fixed and improved autotune kernel. Fixed dag verification failed on high memclocks (nvidia rtx cards). Fixed crash at startup in dual mining mode if protocol was different in the two pools. Fixed issue that caused rejected shares in ETC. Fixed issue etc/ethw sometimes zil dag was created but not needed. Fixed thread stats and pools stats in the API for +rvn mode. Fixed nvidia-only and amd-only flags)
Miners updateFeb 16, 2023
    • tt-miner-v2023.1.7 (Fixes a bug that causes invalid shared on certain GPUs and the Ghostrider/Mike algo)
Miners updateFeb 15, 2023
    • miniz-v2.0c3 (Fixed issue with invalid shares with v2.0c2)
Miners updateFeb 15, 2023
    • teamblackminer-v1.87 (Added support for dual and tripple mining on ETHPROXY pools. Fixed compability issues at some pools.Improved the Kawpow code, less rejects. Fixed --cl-devices when the --amd-only flag was set. Fixed --nvidia-devices when the --nvidia-only flag was set)
Miners updateFeb 14, 2023
    • miniz-v2.0c2 (Added support for Zilliqa (ZIL)+ all miniZ algos mining. Fixed progpow issues with Polaris GPUs. Added support for RX 6500 XT (Navi 24 GPU). It should work with other Navi 24 GPUs)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.9 (Added support for RDNA3 / 7900XT gpus (ethash, autolykos2, kaspa, verthash incl dual combos supported))
    • tt-miner-v2023.1.6 (Fixes a bug during DAG creation that led to miner restarts. If you use an algo that creates a DAG it is strongly recommended to update the miner to this version)

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