Miners updateFeb 27, 2024
    • teamblackminer-v2.20 (Pool timeouts will exit the miner instead of restarting stratum threads. Removed rejects on epoch increase Kawpow/Firopow. Removed low difficulty rejects Kawpow/Firopow. Gpu crash will restart the miner. Improved the Zil mining switch code)
Miners updateFeb 26, 2024
    • xmrig-v6.21.1 (Added support for townforge (monero fork using randomx). Fixed Zephyr mining. Fixed segfault in HTTP API rebind. Removed deprecated AstroBWTv1 and v2. Added CUDA 12 support)
Miners updateFeb 23, 2024
    • teamblackminer-v2.19 (Fixed dag creation error with the --zilonly flag. Fixed crash bug in kawpow/firopow. Improved zil switch. Fixed rejected zil shared on k1pool.com. Reduced rejected shares Kawpow/Firopow)
SimpleMining images updateFeb 21, 2024
    • SM-i071k-6.1.57-3-a22.40.6-rf23.10.3-6.1.10-nv535.154.05-u20 (New Beta image. Fixed AMD driver for BC-250 support with issues in previous beta image)
    • Please remember upgrade first just one or just few rigs, not the all at once. If all is ok, then the next part of rigs.
Miners updateFeb 19, 2024
    • bzminer-v20.0.0 (Decred: Added pool support. New coin: nexellia. New coin: dint (DinarTether). New coin: Larissa)
    • teamblackminer-v2.18 (Improved threads exit. Improved multithread code. Fixed bug in the miningtime option)
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.3 (some users reported a bug in KawPow algos. Bug is fixed with this update. EPIC didn't gets active on some systems in certain configurations. fix: creating 6GB DAG for ZIL if coin in not active. added Vultaic(VLC), Kiiro Coin(KIIRO) & NiRmata(NIR), fix for AMD interfaces)
Miners updateFeb 15, 2024
    • tt-miner-v2024.1.1 (fix: memory leak, could led to slower hashrates and crashes after some days. smaller memory footprint. stratum protocol for ETI. much better performance for Ghostrider and Blake3 on 10XX (Pascal GPUs). better performance for almost all other algos. allows to mine different coins/algos on each GPU. better performance and support for AMD (does not work for algos that requires a DAG and Ghostrider ). better performance for intel iGPU and Intel CPU (does not work for algos that requires a DAG and Ghostrider ))
Miners updateFeb 15, 2024
    • lolminer-v1.84 (Improved Ton / Gram mining performance by 15-18% on AMD RDNA 1-3 and NVIDIA Pascal and newer GPUs. Added EthashB3 + Ton dual mining via --dualmode TONDUAL. Added support to mine Gram on gramcoin.org - the https endpoint https://api-pool.gramcoin.org will be detected automatically, but the mode also can be selected manually by using --ton-mode 5. Fixed a bug causing Ton / Gram mining not to work on Cuda 11 drivers. Fixed a bug causing Ton / Gram mining to not work on newer AMD drivers)
Miners updateFeb 13, 2024
    • teamredminer-v0.10.18 (Added TON/GRAM for RDNA3 gpus. Fixed TON/GRAM dual mining with abel and autolykos2. Fixed broken kawpow on RDNA3 gpus. Fixed loading Radeon VII kernels in general on newer drivers. Fixed broken abel+ironfish dual mining. Fixed old bug for ironfish mining on pools like Kryptex using email as wallet/username. Fixed broken power read for some gpus on newer drivers. Fixed broken kawpow mining on vultaic. Patched broken job messages for new TON/GRAM pools. Added --debug logging of network traffic for out-of-band stats for ABEL pools)
Miners updateFeb 12, 2024
    • lolminer-v1.83 (Due to popular demand added back codes for mining TON / GRAM. Use -a TON or -a GRAM to mine it. Added Ton support for Nvidia ADA and AMD RDNA3 generation of GPUs. Nvidia Drivers required are 525 or higher)
Miners updateFeb 11, 2024
    • bzminer-v19.3.1 (Dynex: Updated to latest protocol. Added new config option 'ssl_verify'. Dynex: caching jobs are enabled by default (value 1). can change with 'dynex_cache_mallob' option)
Miners updateFeb 07, 2024
    • damomine-aleominer-v2.4.0 (Remove pool mode. Improve stability)
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.7 (Performance improvement on algorithm 'aurum' for AVX2 supported CPU's. Fixed broken 'yespower' algorithms. Fixed broken algorithm 'blake3_decred'. Fixed broken --gpu-coffset and --gpu-moffset parameters. Added parameter '--cpu-numa-bind' which can force binding of CPU worker threads to a specific NUMA node (per algorithm). Default --esm (ethereum stratum mode) value for algorithms 'ethash' and 'etchash' is now 2 (EthereumStratum 1.0 + nicehash mode). Renamed parameter 'disable-numa' to 'disable-numa-binding'. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateFeb 06, 2024
    • Added new CPU miner rqiner-v0.2.6 for mining CUBIC. API support will be added in near future.
Miners updateFeb 05, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.3.0 (Add ability to take a snapshot of the best found state. This feature will save the lowest local minima found every 5 minutes and is capable of loading it in case the miner exits/reconnects for any reason. It can improve the chance of solving SAT jobs and getting the reward. Add options --disable-snapshot to disable the feature and --purge-snapshot to entirely remove the cache folder. Fix invalid shares that could happen on jobs other than the main SAT one. Fix incorrect allocation of chips when the number of available chips is lower than the rig's capacity. Fix --nr issue on Windows that could cause lower hashrate on some cards. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateFeb 01, 2024
    • teamredminer-v0.10.17 (Added support for dual mining abel and kaspa/ironfish/karlsen/pyrin (and triple with zil). Fixed pyrin invalid/dup shares on large gpus running high hashrates. Moved dual zil session to R-mode as the default choice when mined together with ethash or abel. Fixed some failed allocations for abel+zil. Fixed abel dag allocation in R-mode on 6GB gpus like the 5600XT. It will run for a while longer)
Miners updateJan 31, 2024
    • onezerominer-v1.2.9 (Add support for dynexsolve 2.3.5f protocol. Hashrate improvement on some cards Fix a fallback pool issue when the primary server is ssl. Multiple fixes related to the reconnection for changing the jobs. Minor bug fixes. Note: This version has some modifications to the protocol which requires the pools to be updated to support it. Make sure the pool you are mining on supports 2.3.5f. This version can benefit from higher --nr values on some cards(eg: 3070 ti). Make sure to test 1(default), 2 and 4. The increased in hashrate comes with more power consumption. This version needs it's own OC tweaking to find the sweet spot. The OC settings that works on previous version might not be the best choice here)
    • qubic.li-client-gpu-v1.8.6 and qubic.li-client-cpu-v1.8.6 (Fixed wrong "skylake" overwrite. Improved stability)
    • teamblackminer-v2.17 (Fixed crash on AMD stats for some cards. Fixed crash on linux with AMD only rigs. Fixed hang on epoch change AMD with cards, kawpow/firopow. Fix slow start in vertcoin mining with many gpus in the rig. Dual mining fixes for AMD)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.16 (Added support for karlsen. Added support for pyrin. Added support for abel (R-mode supported, stats support on pools included). Added kawpow support for RDNA3 GPUs)
Miners updateJan 30, 2024
    • nanominer-v3.8.12 (Fixed kawpow on some epochs)
Miners updateJan 29, 2024
    • rigel-v1.14.2 ((ABEL) Add GPU stats reporting when mining to AbelPool and zkProvers)
Miners updateJan 27, 2024
    • rigel-v1.14.1 ((ABEL) Add dual and triple mining support with ALPH, IRON, KLS, PYI, and RXD. Bug fixes: Memory temperature is not displayed on 550+ drivers)
Miners updateJan 26, 2024
    • rigel-v1.14.0 ((ABEL) Add abelian algorithm (dev fee 1%, see abel bat/sh script). Bug fixes: Miner fails to apply memory tweaks to Pascal GPUs)
Update v1358Jan 25, 2024
    • Added Abelminer API stats support
    • Added cpuminer-opt-cpupower API stats support
    • Added Cubic.li-client API stats support
    • Fixed memory/junction temperature readings for NVIDIA
    • Fixed Octominer PSU power wattage sum value
    • Improved start mining messages for CPU mining in CPU console
    • Other small fixes and improvements
Miners updateJan 25, 2024
    • bzminer-v19.3.0 (Dynex: Fixed high diff shares being discarded. Dynex: Fixed bz version not being sent to the pool. Novo: Fixed extra nonce issue on woolypooly)
Advanced Command updateJan 24, 2024
    • Improved stability for reflash command issued with some flash devices
Miners updateJan 23, 2024
    • srbminer-multi-v2.4.6 (Added algorithm 'aurum' (BitNet) for CPU mining, fee 2.00%. Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'blake3_alephium'. Added support for algorithm 'cryptonight_turtle' on AMD gfx1100. Added Vega56/64 rocm binary for algorithm 'cryptonight_turtle'. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJan 22, 2024
    • nanominer-v3.8.11 (Added Karlsenhash (Karlsen network) support on AMD GPUs)
Miners updateJan 21, 2024
    • bzminer-v19.2.4 (Dynex: fixed autotune timing out. Dynex: tbs_watchdog disabled for pouw only mode)
    • rigel-v1.13.2 (Fixed The miner fails to connect to a mining pool if --dns-over-https is set)
Miners updateJan 19, 2024
    • qubic.li-client-gpu-v1.8.5 and qubic.li-client-cpu-v1.8.5 (Optimized Epoch Change. Since this version added in SimpleMining possibility of passing config JSON file string as optional argument for using additional parameter that are not possible using common command line parameteres, but via config file only. For example you can use it for use accessToken instead QUBICID. API stats support still in development progress and will be available in future)
Miners updateJan 19, 2024
    • qubic.li-client-gpu-v1.8.4-fix2 and qubic.li-client-cpu-v1.8.4-fix2 (Resolved an issue with GPU#0 hashrate reporting post-Epoch 92 (anticipated to remain accurate for subsequent epochs). Corrected Solutions reporting discrepancies starting from Epoch 92. Addressed the log error occurring during epoch transitions)
    • bzminer-v19.2.3 (Dynex: Improved hashrate on nvidia/amd. Dynex: Many stability updates. Fixed issue with amd pci bus id's over 127)
Miners updateJan 18, 2024
    • Added CUSTOM miner for CPU mining. Works same as CUSTOM miner for GPU mining.
Miners updateJan 18, 2024
    • nanominer-v3.8.10 (Added EthashB3 (RTH) support. Performance is the same as Ethash. Added Karlsenhash (Karlsen network) support on Nvidia. Added Pyrinhash (Pyrin) support on Nvidia. Fixed Pyrin and Karlsen. Fixed crash after 8 minutes)
Miners updateJan 17, 2024
    • damomine-aleominer-v2.3.9 (enhance performance)
    • rigel-v1.13.1 (Set GPU memory clock offset to 0 when building DAG to prevent its corruption. Add {ts} and {algo} template parameters for log file name. Bug fixes: Large amount of rejected shares when mining kawpow to Nicehash. (RXD) Fix performance regression on Pascal GPUs introduced in version 1.11.1)

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