What is SMOS?

We are presenting to you the new, easy-to-use Mining Operating System.
All you have to do to explore a new quality of mining is follow these 3 simple steps:
- download our OS image and flash it to any USB/SSD/HDD drive,
- set your email address,
- boot it.

Additionally, SimpleMining Operating System gives you the opportunity of managing these steps and all your rigs through one Cloud Mining Dashboard!
Official Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1541084

See how easy is to start mining with SimpleMining OS.

Be ready to discover the new, ready-to use program designed for a faster and more efficient cryptomining on GPUs. We present to you the original Mining Operating System based on Linux, which has been gaining increasing popularity over the past few years with a growing number of Facebook followers and YouTube tutorials. Thanks to our OS for cryptocurrencies you can get auto-updates, as well as manage your installation process and rigs through one Cloud Dashboard (no matter where you are). What is more, you can also get support in case of any queries or problems with the program on an ongoing basis – just write to us via email or realtime chat. Our Linux Mining OS works for GPUS like NVIDIA or Radeon AMD from a few, different series. In the next sections you can watch a special YouTube tutorial and read a detailed instruction on how to start mining and maintain rigs with our operating system. Before installing and flashing the OS image check our technical requirements to avoid any malfunctions of your rig. Our program was created so that you can manage all your rigs and get crypto currency through one, single place – our online platform. Learn more about the free trial option and start mining today!

Download and Requirements

STABLE: SimpleMiningOS (4.17.19-14-amd18.20-nv418.43) (mirror repo)
BETA: SimpleMiningOS (5.0.4-6-amd19.10-nv418.74) (mirror repo)

What You need:
- Minimum 7GB drive (HDD,SSD or USB Pendrive) that can be erased
- GPUs: NVIDIA or AMD R9 300 / RX400 / RX500 / Vega / Radeon VII
- DHCP in your LAN network - (system does not support WIFI at this moment)


You can test SimpleMiningOS for FREE for few days.

Rigs Price*
1+ 2.0 $
50+ 1.8 $
100+ 1.6 $
250+ 1.4 $
500+ 1.2 $
1000+ 1.0 $
* Per rig per month.




  • Download OS image from download section
  • Install flashing utility: https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  • Flash image to any USB/SSD/HDD drive (all data on it will be erased !)
  • After Flashing you will see 8MB partition, open it.
  • Edit config.txt, replace email by yours, save, close file and unmount drive
  • Set motherboard BIOS options:
    1) Upgrade bios to newest (important !)
    2) Set device to boot from USB/pendrive
    3) Enable 4G encode
    4) Set PCIe support to Auto
    5) Enable onboard graphics (PEG -> IGD)
    6) Plug your monitor into the ONBOARD graphics
  • Boot rig from flashed drive
  • System will start making auto-updates
  • Log in into simplemining.net Dashboard with the same email
  • Now you should see your rig and you can start managing your rigs
  • Go to Group Config -> Select your miner program and enter your options