OS - Burn it! Plug it! Start mining!

Official thread:

SimpleRigResetter if available to buy:

v1075-v1077 update
- in RX OS you can now overclock to specific MHz values (like core: 1055 mem: 1988) - in RX OS added little undervolt option in which you can write values from 0 to 7. NOTE: Default value is 5 and up to 7 its save. Lower values like 3-4 sould be also stable but 0-2 propably not. When you will write there lower values your rig can freeze !!! so be advised and test this when you are near rigs ! - total restarts count - means how much times does your rig started miner (so how many reboots or reloads) Soon i will add also "reset counter for all rigs" feature. Now you can monitor how may times does your rigs is restarting and if too much then lower clocks or less undervolting. - updated claymore-zec-v12.3 ( ) v1062-v1074 update
- atiflash for linux - for now its only program located at /root/utils/atiflash
If you know putty (ssh) then you can login into rig and flash custom bios remotly.
The flashing from dashboard will be propably implemented in future but not soon.
Right now you can do the flashing only by direct ssh into rigs.
- claymore-zec v12.2 fix memory leak
- optiminer-zec v1.7
- sgminer-gm-nh-5.5.5-8
- claymore-zec updated to 12.2
- updated claymore-eth (dual to v8.0) (PASC added)
- added SRR Agent config (now you can configure your rigs with my SimpleRigResetter)
- updated claymore-zec-v12.1
- fixed "GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT is not specified!"
- updated claymore-zec to v12 (more info )
- updated optiminer v1.6.1
- added separate sgminer-gm-nh (nicehash version) 5.5.5-4
- added Boolberry miner (wildkeccak)

v1038-v1050 update
- added sgminer-gm (XMR/ZEC/ETH)
- console fix (now you will see faster and more things)
- added new miner Wolf0 XMR miner
- added Claymore ZEC 9.2
- updated optiminer to v1.1 (speed improvment and propably fixed no hashrate in pools)
- few fixes and miner updates...
v1037 update
- new optiminer-zec v0.4.0
- new claymore-eth v7.4
(you need to reload rig to start using new miner-click save in overclocking menu)
v1036 update
- missing binaries update
v1032 update
- new miner optiminer-zec v0.3.3 (YOU NEED TO RELOAD RIG TO START USING IT)
- fixed replacing new miners versions (your rig will mine on old one, to mine new version you need to reload it)
- Target Temperature in dahsboard and minimum fan speed
- R OS (first fan control script)
- RX OS (little upgrade of fan control script)
How to Reload rig with net miner version:
Soon there will be such separate option but as now you can do this by:
a) to reload only one rig - i advice to do that to test if everything is ok (go to Overclocking menu of each rig and just save settings there Smiley
b) to reload ALL rigs: RED OPTIONS -> SAVE
c) pull the plug out and plug in Tongue (i mean reboot Tongue)

Howto change Target Temperature of your rig and Minimum Fan speed:
v1030 update
- RX OS Fan speed fix.
- new optiminer 0.3.1
v1023 - Realtime Console updates.
Few graphical changes.
Fan speed, gpu temperature, gpu core and memory clocks are shown regardless of used miner

Website update - New rig table on dashboard which auto updates itself It also shows if rig if offline or online. You can also hover on some data to see more detailed stats
v1019 - New Image release becasue i fucked up update system for old image :) - Dont worry, online rigs which update in real time dont have those problems
v1016 - ZCASH STRATUM miner - zogminer - you can now choose new stratun zcash miner - zogminer-v1

v1013 - ZCASH better zcash miner fix Removed reboot each 15 mins
Added reloading miner if Stale shares detected or GPU crashed detected.
v1011-1012 - bug fixes and zcash autoreboot every 15 min due to bug in this miner
v1010 - ZCASH RELEASE auto-update: All rigs R OS and RX OS are already updating to v1010. If your rig has this update then you can try to start mining ZCASH. This is highly TESTING so dont be mad if something wont work !!! I am testing it now but i know how much you guys care about mining zcash as soon as possible. Anyway when you set this option, you wont see on dashboard any info that miner is mining zcash. If you want to see whats going on, refresh website every 10+ seconds and click INFO -> MINER CONSOLE to see whats going on on each rig. As now, it is only working GPU miner under linux and i found only one pool in which it works:!/coin/ZCASH/wallet/t1epY73ng2jh2WwaTRXscB6EmWmqm5Ewd9L Those are my stats. So if you start minng there please look at stats there. If you have any questions please post them at bitcointalk: v1008-1009 - bugfixes
v1007 - RX OS new image, R OS auto-update:
RX OS Current RX v1006 DEAD END !:
Due to strange errors and many changes the beta RX v1006 is no longer supported.
Dont worry, if you are mining now with it - it will work but i advice to download RX v1007 and flash it as soon as possible Smiley

New RXv1007 image:
The main change is that it doesnt have graphical interface so its much lighter. only 760MB in download file but still requires 7GB pendrive
Its totally headless interface. When booting you will se text only and after that you will se miner console.
Accualy you dont need anything else when you have dashboard right ?
In later time i will do this console interface with more infos but not in this month - i will now need to focus on ZCASH miner.
Anyway in RX v1007 i fixed memory DPM state to set highest possible + setting core dpm state should now work (in my lab it does Tongue)
Plus it starts in headless mode so it should work on more computers becasue i had problem with starting graphical interface when i set in bios as default "Onboard GPU"

R OS v1007
- small bug fixes, nothing special.
- in near future (not now) this R OS will also be running headless intercafe (text only) - graphical interface will be disabled. So lighter, simpler and less complications.

v1006 auto-update: - Update was mainly for RX series + some cleanup
- you can set core DPM level and overclock memory 0-20 % for RX400 gpus - read details in oveclock menu
- i changed series name from R9 to R to see this more clearly
- Dashboard now shows if you are using R or RX series and version

RX LINE with RX400 support !!!!!!!!! - released new OS version with RX400 support
- this is second Operating system line which wont replace fist one !
- in RX version - overclocking currently does NOT work but soon it will ( in 1-3 weeks)
- many php code refactoring on website so there can be bugs - report them to me

v1005 auto-update: - all rigs updated to clyamore 7.2 and reloaded
- fixed one bootloop case
- custom pools/miner options, finally you can set everything you want !

v1004.1 website update: - ability to set custom name for each rig
- option to use instead of dwarfpool (dwarfpool has some problems recently)

v1004 auto-update: - all your rigs will auto update to this version
- added new miner option (mining eth only) without siacoin
- stats bugfix + apperance changes
- i give you guys root password: miner1324
(i dont advice to touch anything or change anything because i if you broke something then i wont help Smiley - it is mostly for debug purpuses or some rare cases when you need to install something

user login info: miner/miner
root login info: root/miner1324

v1003 auto-update: - all your rigs will auto update to this version
- new miner version claymore 6.3
- stats shown on dashboard
- OC - overclocking support (core, memory,powerlimit for specific rig) (Action->Overclocking)

v1001 Image: - auto-update system - all newer updates will be apply
- builded on Ubuntu Server completly from scrath
- image takses only 2GB but (it requires at least 7GB pendrive/drive)
- support for AMD 3xx / 2xx / HD7xxx series (RX400 will be supported in v2000 series very soon)
- dashboard managment panel with basic info of each rig (list cards, miner console, gpu temp and fan speed)
- it mines ethereum+siacoin (you need to enter your wallet addresses on website)