Miners updateSep 28, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.9 (Added algo pufferfish2bmb for Polaris/Vega. Performance increase sha512_256d_radiant. Reworked ZIL mining modes. Added automatic caching of ZIL DAG for ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL (if GPU has enough VRAM to hold both DAG's). Added nicehash compatibility for verushash. Added --disable-auto-affinity. Bug fixes)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.3 (Beta release. Implemented sha512256d. Better intensity parameters for ghostrider)
Miners updateSep 26, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.59a (Significantly improved Kaspa performance and efficiency on Nvidia Turing and Ampere GPUs. Also the new codes are now working much better when GPUs are power limited. Slightly improved Kaspa performance and efficiency on AMD Navi and Big Navi GPUs. Kaspa performance statistics should now be a bit more smooth)
Miners updateSep 23, 2022
    • radiator-v1.0.0 (Memory issue fixed)
Miners updateSep 22, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.58 (Added Kaspa only mining mode for Nvidia Pascal and new and AMD Polaris, Navi and Big Navi)
    • nanominer-v3.7.2 (Fixed several ZIL issues. Changed default coin to ETC. Removed automatic switch from ETH to ETC. Added config for ETHW (Ethereum-Pow))
Miners updateSep 21, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.8 (Added algorithm blake3_ironfish (IRONFISH coin). Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + BLAKE3_IRONFISH and AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_IRONFISH dual mining mode. Added pufferfish2bmb for RDNA cards [5xxx]. Performance increase on autolykos2 for RX5700/XT. Small performance increase on kaspa for RDNA. Autolykos2 possible fix for situation when miner isn't creating dataset. Autolykos2 now uses 1 thread per GPU as default (was 2) - hashrate should be more stable. Possible fix for miner crashing when it's trying to reconnect to the pool)
    • teamblackminer-v1.68 (Improved performance Vertcoin. Removed crash on exit. Added ethpow pools. Removed rejected shares mining ETC on miningpoolhub.com. Reduced cpu memory usage for Vertcoin. Intensity rewrite/improvement for Verthash abit more stable and faster. Added more pools. Removed duplicate jobid in console for verthash. Fixed hashrate console bug on amd / total hash in verthash. (H/s instead of KH/s))
Miners updateSep 19, 2022
    • teamredminer-v0.10.3.1 (Fixed issues with the Autolykos2 pad prebuild for some gpus/rigs.Handled bad user config situations with multiple dag caches specified for ZIL)
Miners updateSep 16, 2022
    • new miner radiator-v0.1.1 for mining rad and novo. API support will be in near future.
    • bzminer-v11.1.0 (New coin: Zil. Triple Mining with Zil + any dual combo (Using flexpool's ZMP protocol). Dual Mining with Zil + any algo (Using flexpool's ZMP protocol). Partial Chinese translation. Added lang option (en or cn). Added force_algo2 option. Renamed column option miner mh to miner_hr. Renamed column option pool mh to pool_hr. Fixed duplicate shares on large rigs. AMD Kaspa improvements)
    • teamredminer-v0.10.3 (Added next height pad prebuild for Ergo/Autolykos2 to raise effective hashrate over time. Better execution of R/B/C modes for ethash with dual zil mining. Added R-mode zil cache support with --eth_dag_cache=0. Added argument --eth_no_job_logs to suppress pool job logging. Fixed some issues with pools using miningcore, mainly ergo and verthash pools)
Miners updateSep 15, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.57 (An other performance improvement of Flux mining on Ampere based GPUs (1.5 - 3.5% depending on model and clocks). Fixed a bug causing some Ergo pools to disconnect the miner frequently)
Miners updateSep 14, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.56 (Major performance increase for Flux on Nvidia Amper. Major performance increase for Beam on Nvidia Ampere. Flux and Beam on all Nvidia now uses Cuda instead of OpenCL. Slight performance improvements for Flux on AMD RX 500, RX 5000 and RX 6000 (about 0.2 it/s). Equihash coins now supports extra nonce subscription via stratum (e.g. for better profit switching pool experience). Added option --no-cl to disable detection of OpenCL GPUs (fixes a crash on some rigs where the Nvidia OpenCL driver crashes - happens mostly when having a rig with many GPUs). Disabled DAG checking for ETC mining on 4G AMD GPUs, because this was always failing (investigating to bring it back asap). Nvidia LHR cards will no longer run the LHR unlock when not mining Et(c)hash or Ergo - this will prevent them from crashing on some other algorithms)
Miners updateSep 12, 2022
    • bzminer-v11.0.3 (Fixed dual Kaspa duplicate shares. Fixed Ergo on AMD taking too long to generate DAG. Fixed empty worker name not using a default. Lowered default time for hung gpu, hung_gpu_ms. Fixed Rejeced shares watchdog. Added oc_reset_on_exit option. Added --nc 1 to all script files (do not write to config by default). Fixed BzMiner exit taking too long)
    • miniz-v1.9z2 (Performance improvements for some AMD gpus, on Flux. Major improvement for the RX 6800 XT. Fixed issue interfering with Zano mining. Removed ‘automatic’ clock reset, on exit. Except when they are changed on the command line)
    • nanominer-v3.7.1 (Reworked automatic switch ETH -> ETC after Pos. Automatic switch to ETC is off by default)
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.7 (Added algorithm 'pufferfish2bmb' (BMB - Bamboo) for GPU mining [rdna2 only]. Reduced devfee for 'autolykos2' (ERGO) to 1.00%. Possible fix for 'Can't switch to algorithm 1' issue when using --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3. Bug fixes)
Miners updateSep 08, 2022
    • bzminer-v11.0.2 (New coin: Ergo, Neoxa. New dual: Ergo + Kaspa (Nvidia only). Improved Kaspa AMD performance. Improved Overall AMD performance on all algos. Replaced kawpow with rvn. Now supports both Kaspa pool protocols (and still solo mining). Network stability updates. Updated tbs_watchdog to support time since last share rather than based on estimated tbs by default, will use est. tbs percentage before watchdog is triggered (value of 100 would be 100x ext before watchdog is triggered) appending s, m, h, or d will result in tbs only triggering after no shares found for specified amount of time eg. "tbs_watchdog": "2.5m" will cause tbs watchdog to trigger if no shares found for 2.5 minutes. Updated uptime format (removed seconds). Updated status column, put LHR in parenthesis. Added tsls column option, time since last share. Reset overclocks on exit. Added opencl_workgroup_size option.Fixed system time change causing mainloop to not respond. Fixed multi mining issue with reconnecting one pool causes all pools to reconnect. Fixed extra nonce issue on some algos. Fixed BzMiner exit sequence. Timings (very experimental, and probably buggy)
Miners updateSep 06, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.55a (Fixed a bug causing Ergo mining not to startup on some Nvidia Rigs. Fixed a bug causing Flux mining not to startup on some Rigs with RX 400 / 500 GPUs)
Miners updateSep 05, 2022
    • miniz-v1.9z (Added support for Conflux – Octopus algorithm (NVIDIA). Improved support for AMD gpus. Added socks options to configuration file. Added clock reset when miniZ exits. (Nvidia RTX only). Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateSep 02, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.55 (Significantly improved Flux mining performance on AMD RX 5000 (+10% on 5700) and AMD RX 6000 based GPUs (+15-22%). Mining Flux, Beam, Equihash 144/5 and Equihash 192/7 will now display the iteration/s (it / s) for easier OC tuning and the pool sol/s calculated from submitted and accepted shares. Flux mining can now be selected via --algo FLUX without needing to specify --pers. Enabling Equihash 144/5 and Equihash 192/7 will now also support --pers auto instead of capital --pers AUTO for enabling pool automatic selection. Added DAG check and repair function for Ethereum Classic mining up to epoch 300. Added ETH / ETC + Kaspa code for Nvidia Pascal based GPUs.Added option to mix different Ethash style algorithms when using the fail-over pool function. To use this you now can use eth:, etc: and ubiq: as a prefix for your fail-over pool address to indicate this pool uses a different algorithm then the one configured initially. This will allow to automatically switch from Ethash to an Etchash pool when "the merge" happens as one can configure for normal Ethash mining and configure one of the fail-over pools as Etchash, so when the primary pool gets disconnected or rejects the authorization (these two are expected behavior for Eth pools after the merge), then the miner can switch to a fail-over e.g. configured to mine Etchash. See example files "mine_eth_backup_etc.sh" or "mine_eth_backup_etc.bat" on how to use it. Note: when using this feature with prefixes like tls:// or ssl://, then put the new prefix after the prefix for the communication layer. So tls://etc: is valid, while etc:tls:// is not. Fixed a bug that might cause the miner to crash when an Ergo pool connection needs to reconnect. Fixed a bug that can cause random invalid shared when mining Kaspa on AMD GPUs)
Miners updateAug 24, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.6 (Algorithm 'xdag' is now compatible with the new XDAGj network protocol)
Miners updateAug 17, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.4 (Fixed high stale count on some eth pools when dual eth + kas)
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.5 (Added algo sha512_256d_radiant. Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + SHA512_256D_RADIANT and AUTOLYKOS2 + SHA512_256D_RADIANT dual mining. Fixed issue with dual mining ethash using nicehash mode. Added automatic caching of ZIL DAG in dual mining mode [ETH/ETC] (if GPU has enough VRAM to hold both DAG's). Added --gpu-ethash-dag-cache to set caching of specific ETH/ETC epoch in dual mining mode [ def. is epoch 0 - ZIL ])
Miners updateAug 16, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.3-cuda11.5 (Further Improvements to Improved Eth/Etc + Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Improvements to dual autotune. Added --max_dual_autotune_drop option to control how much eth hashrate your willing to lose when autotuning (default 0.92). Added --disable_opencl option. useful for rigs where bzminer crashes due to amd drivers. Added --zil_only option (do not mine eth part of eth + zil). Added --log_file_verbosity option to log different verbosity to log file vs console. Increased gui console update frequency. Fixed opencl enumerating device 0:0)
    • t-rex-v0.26.5 (Make LHR unlocker compatible with older drivers, e.g. 470+)
Miners updateAug 11, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.54 (Fixed a bug sometimes causing duplicate send shares in Kaspa dual mining. Fixed a bug "Received a defect stratum message: conversion of data to type "b" failed" on new Kaspa pools and the solo mining adapters. Fixed a bug causing --dualworker not to work right with Kaspa dual mining)
Miners updateAug 06, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.4 (Improved performance on all dual mineable algorithms for RDNA2 GPU's. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateAug 04, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.2 (Improved Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Improved Eth/Etc + Kaspa hashrate (Nvidia). Fixed Kawpow crash bug)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.2 (Implemented support of socks5 proxy --proxy. Improved curvehash up to 40% on RDNA/RDNA2 and up to x2 times on NVIDIA(Polaris/Vega not tested, can be better too))
Miners updateAug 01, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.3 (Significantly improved performance on curvehash. Reduced devfee for kaspa and heavyhash to 0.85%. Using any of the supported dual mining combinations, automatically enables auto tune. Added possibility to disable an algorithm in dual mining mode per GPU. Default value for --gpu-dual-max-loss is lowered from 5% to 3%)
Miners updateJul 29, 2022
    • gminer-v3.05 (Fixed displaying of balance on 2miners pools (ETH balance when mining on BTC wallet))
    • lolminer-v1.53 (Added the --max-latency parameter (see above)
    • Improved efficiency of the Nvidia Eth+Kaspa dual mining solvers)
Miners updateJul 28, 2022
    • lolminer-v1.53-beta3 (Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa dual mining for AMD RX400, RX500, RX5000 and RX 6000 series. Use --dualmode KASPADUAL to request this algorithm. Requires --dualpool to be set to a Kaspa stratum pool. Slightly reduced clock demand on Ethash only for RX 5000 GPUs. Added experimental ETC+Kaspa solver for R9 285 / R9 380 (Tonga), RX Fury (Fiji) and RX 460 / 550 (Baffin) GPU. Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa solver for Nvidia Turing (RTX 2000, CMH) and Nvidia Ampere (RTX 3000, RTX Ax000) based GPUs)
Miners updateJul 26, 2022
    • gminer-v3.04 (moved to new version of balance fetching API for 2miners pools (decreased network trafic))
Miners updateJul 25, 2022
    • bzminer-v10.0.0 (New coin: Woodcoin. Woodcoin: cpu optimization flag "algo_opt" set to 1 for pre-processing on CPU. Dual mining: Fixed low hashrate for for LHR cards. Dual mining: Removed "empty package" errors. Dual mining: Fixed invalid ethash shares on some pools. Ixian: Fixed rejected shares issue and fixed HTTPS issue. Zil: Fixed mining zil window with nicehash eth. Added efficiency to http api /status. Disabled Kaspa dev team fee by default)
Miners updateJul 20, 2022
    • teamblackminer-v1.66 (Fixed SSL reconnect crash. Fixed stats hang. Added new pools)
Miners updateJul 18, 2022
    • nanominer-v3.6.8 (Added Conflux (Octopus algorithm) for AMD RDNA GPUs (RX 5xxx and RX6xxx) Fixed nanominer crashes)
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.2 (Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + HEAVYHASH (OBTC/PBTC) and AUTOLYKOS2 + HEAVYHASH dual mining mode. Faster DAG creation on RDNA2 GPU's. Possible fix for case when some RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's won't create DAG for ETHASH/PROGPOW)
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.1 (Added firopow and mike algos. Implemented support for future DAG reduction of progpow-veil. Implemented background compilation of progpow kernels. Fixed support gfx1034 (Radeon 6500XT). Up to 10% faster curvehash)
Miners updateJul 12, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.1 (Added auto tune for dual mining (use --gpu-auto-tune 1 to enable) Added --gpu-dual-max-loss - defines the max loss of A0 hashrate we allow while auto tuning in dual mode, in percent. Minor bug fixes)
Miners updateJul 10, 2022
    • srbminer-multi-v1.0.0 (Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining and AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining mode. Fixed ETHASH/ETCHASH + KASPA mining on nicehash. Added --gpu-table-slow-build which slows down DAG/Datatable creation for ETHASH/ETCHASH/UBQHASH/PROGPOW/AUTOLYKOS2 algorithms (might help in avoiding crash). --gpu-dual-mode isn't needed anymore, miner will auto check if selected algorithms are eligible for dual mining. Fixed a few bugs related to dual mining mode)
Miners updateJul 07, 2022
    • wildrig-multi-v0.32.0-beta (Fixed curvehash for Vega gpu's and old 1-2Gb gpu's. Slight improve curvehash for Polaris, RDNA, RDNA2 and NVIDIA gpu's)

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