SimpleMining images updateApr 19, 2023
    • SM-i068-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv530.41.03 (New Beta image with newest NV drivers)
SimpleMining images updateFeb 24, 2023
    • SM-i066d-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv525.78.01-u20 (New stable image based on latest beta image)
SimpleMining images updateJan 18, 2023
    • SM-i066d-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv525.78.01-u20 (New beta image. Updated NVIDIA driver to newest - more stable and with 4070TI support)
SimpleMining images updateDec 12, 2022
    • SM-i066c-5.15.80-a21.50.2-rf22.20.3-5.16.16-nv525.60.11-u20 (New beta image. Ubuntu 20 based. Newest AMD and NVIDIA drivers. Included AMD opencl libraries version 21.50. Supports all AMD and NVIDIA GPUs including AMD BC-250, 6xxx series, NV 4080 and 4090)
SimpleMining images updateOct 20, 2022
    • SM-i058b-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n520.56.06 (Fixed beta image with NVIDIA 4090 support. i058a had issue with some LAN cards. This beta image not supports VRAM temp readings for now, but it will fixed soon)
SimpleMining images updateOct 14, 2022
    • SM-i058a-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n520.56.06 (New Beta image with NVIDIA 4090 support)
SimpleMining images updateAug 09, 2022
    • SM-i057a-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.73.05.img.xz (Updated stable image. Revert back one step with NVIDIA drivers to 510.73.05 because newest one 510.85.02 do not support LHR)
SimpleMining images updateAug 08, 2022
    • SM-i055-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.85.02 (Updated stable image with new NVIDIA driver with some bug fixes)
SimpleMining images updateMay 09, 2022
    • SM-i053-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.60.02 (Updated stable image with new NVIDIA driver required for LHR unlock with nbminer version released yesterday)
SimpleMining images updateMar 31, 2022
    • SM-i052-5.10.96-2-a21.50.2-r5.13.17-f21.50.2-n510.60.02-u20 (New beta image. Added support for NVIDIA 3090 Ti. Added support for AMD BC-250 (CyanFish) GPU. Included automated memory timings for upper hashrate. Preffered OC values for BC-250: core/mem/uv: 1300/450/701. Prefered miner: TeamRedMiner with enabled option --eth_config=XB and enabled option "Run As Root". This third-puzzle configuration can gives hashrate up to 54MH)
    • SM-i051-5.10.96-2-a21.50.2-r5.13.14-f21.50.2-n495.44-u20 (Additional image for LHR GPUs with a bit older NVIDIA (495.44) than in our latest stable image. This is for users using miner programs that do not support newest 510.x NVIDIA drivers (except lolMiner that supports newest drivers)
SimpleMining images updateMar 17, 2022
    • SM-i048-5.10.96-2-a21.50.2-r5.13.14-f21.50.2-n510.54 (New beta image. Since previous beta image i043: fixed some miners not detect AMD GPUs. Updated AMD driver to newest 5.13.14 and newest AMD libraries 21.50.2. Update NVIDIA driver to newest 510.54. This image is still suggested for Radeon VII boost support)
SimpleMining images updateMar 02, 2022
    • SM-i039-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.47.03 (New official stable image based on latest beta image. Since previous stable i021 image: newest NVIDIA driver with RTX 3050 / A2000 / A4500 support. Improvements in RX 5000/6000 series (mostly 5700) stability)
    • SM-i043-5.10.96-2-a21.40.2-r5.13.14-f21.40.2-n510.47.03 (New beta image with Radeon VII / Pro boost and RX 6400 / 6500 support. Supports also all other GPUs supported by official image. No longer need to use special image i009 dedicated for only R VII. Newer AMD libraries 21.40.1 - may be not compatible with older miners programs)
SimpleMining images updateFeb 10, 2022
    • SM-i039-5.10.60-1-a20.40-r5.11.38-f21.40.1-n510.47.03 (New beta image. Since previous beta i029 image: newest NVIDIA driver with RTX 3050 support and maybe some others new NVIDIA GPUs)
SimpleMining images updateJan 13, 2022
    • SM-i029-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n495.46 (New beta image with improved AMD 5000/6000 stability and newest NVIDIA driver with CUDA 11.5 support)
SimpleMining images updateDec 15, 2021
    • SM-i026-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.94 (New beta image with newest NVIDIA driver)
SimpleMining images updateDec 09, 2021
    • SM-i025-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.86 (New beta image with fixed issue of 0 MHz reading core clock memory for AMD RX 5700 GPUs affected in previous beta i024 image)
SimpleMining images updateNov 25, 2021
    • SM-i024-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.86 (New beta image. Added support for future Navi24 AMD GPUs RX 6400/6500 - only basic support without overclocking. Newest NVIDIA driver with A2000 and A4500 support and some bug fixes)
SimpleMining images updateOct 13, 2021
    • SM-i021-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.74 (Official stable image. Supports all NVIDIA and AMD GPUs including AMD PRO 5600M)
    • SM-i022-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.74 (New beta image with small fix of AMD RX 5000/6000 series GPU stability. Use this image if you have problems with those GPUs even with using newest stable image)
    • Both images are available both in download section and via Reflash Command.
SimpleMining images updateSep 24, 2021
    • SM-i021-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.74.img.xz (New Beta image. Fixed support of newest parts of AMD RX 6900 Series GPUs. Support also RX 6600 and AMD PRO 5600M. Image has also newest NVIDIA driver 470.74 which fix some stability issues)
SimpleMining images updateAug 30, 2021
    • SM-i019-5.10.60-1-a20.40-n470.63.01 (New Beta image with newest AMD driver with AMD RX 6600 XT and AMD PRO 5600M support)
SimpleMining images updateAug 13, 2021
    • SM-i018-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n470.63.01 (New Beta image with AMD RX 6600 XT support) - OC support will be released today.
SimpleMining images updateJul 21, 2021
    • SM-i017-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n470.57.02 (New stable image with newest NVIDIA driver with CMP 30/50/70/90 HX Series support)
SimpleMining images updateJun 23, 2021
    • SM-i010-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n470.42.01 (New BETA image with newest NVIDIA beta driver that supports 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti GPUs)
SimpleMining images updateJun 10, 2021
    • SM-i009-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n460.84 (New stable image with support of all AMD and NVIDIA gpus including newest AMD 6700 series and NVIDIA 3050 / 3080 series. New AMD driver also better support fans on RX 5700)
SimpleMining images update Jun 03, 2021
    • SM-i009-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n460.84 (Updated beta image with additional NVIDIA 3080 Ti support)
SimpleMining images updateJun 02, 2021
    • SM-i008-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n460.80 (updated Beta image with NVIDIA 3050 and 3050 Ti support)
SimpleMining images update and new namingMay 18, 2021
    • From now every new image contains a unique ordinal number in file name for better image identification and for troubleshooting purposes. This uniqe number is also visible in dashboard in rig details as addition to kernel version after hash character - only for images containing such number)
    • All actual images (stable, beta and few other for advanced users) are standardized with all latest changes (faster AMD driver loading during startup / fixed blank screen on NVIDIA rig running with default email / fixed entering emergency mode after startup in some rare causes)
    • SM-i001-5.4.105-1-a20.40-n460.56 - official stable image with all AMD and NVIDIA GPUs support (except AMD RX 6700)
    • SM-i002-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n465.24.02 - beta support for AMD RX 6700)
    • Below images are available only via Advanced Commands as reflashOS command:
    • SM-i003-5.4.105-1-a20.30-n460.56 (for users that needs older AMD libraries 20.30 for some reasons)
    • SM-i004-5.4.105-1-a18.20-n430.40 (for users that needs older AMD library 18.20 or NVIDIA driver 430.40 for some reasons)
    • SM-i005-5.4.105-1-a20.30-n460.56-Radeon-VII (boost for Radeon VII with even 105 MH)
    • SM-i006-5.4.107-6-a20.40-n460.39-RTX3060 (unlock hashrate for NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPUs)
SimpleMining images updateMay 13, 2021
    • Official image updated
    • SM-5.4.105-1-2-ub18-a20.40-n460.56
    • Fixed emergency mode in some rare causes
SimpleMining images updateMay 11, 2021
    • New BETA image
    • SM-5.4.107-5-2-ub18-a20.40-n465.24.02
    • Fixed emergency mode issues occured on some rigs
SimpleMining images updateApr 24, 2021
    • Official SM-5.4.105-1-ub18-a20.40-n460.56 and beta SM-5.4.107-5-ub18-a20.40-n465.24.02 images updated
    • Fixed empty screen on NV rigs during email provide when booting with default config
    • New faster method of AMD driver loading

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