Here is a list of features that SimpleMining OS can offer.

Monitor your rigs

View all rigs on one page. See hashrate, status, temperatures, watts, assigned groups and clocks in form of list.

Rig details

Detailed view of rig. Check GPU details, hashrate, realtime miner console and graphical statistics.

Manage your rig

Batch management of your rigs Execute commands on multiple rigs. Assign rigs to overclock and mining groups, set tags, reboot, reload, pause or power off.

Overclock and undervolt GPUs

Configure rig OC by using group or individual clocks for each GPU and many other parameters.

Graphical statistics

One Year of historical statistics of Your account / mining group / rigs / GPUs

Easy set up

Plug&play no need to install or configure system drivers.

Cloud monitoring

Monitor rig performance and mining console in cloud dashboard.


Manage overclocking, undervolting and mining options with few clicks.


Multiple mining programs to choose from.


Special tool to boost RX 400/500 series.


Fix problems with our realtime support on Discord.

Rig List

See your rigs on one page with summary information.

Summary Stats

Quickly check if there are any problems in your farm.


Open rigs in separate tabs for fast switching between them.

One page Rig Details

See detailed information about your rigs, GPUs and hardware.


Assign multiple rigs to the same overclocking or mining groups.

Your own settings

Fully customize your mining options and pool into which you will be mining.


Check if rig has problems like missing GPU, too much reboots, too high temperature.


Get notification on Telegram Messenger if your rig is offline.

Sleep schedules

Put your rig to sleep during hot days or expensive hours.

Start mining with SimpleMining.net

Create account, download and install OS to flash-drive and start managing Your farm the easy way!