mining OS

SimpleMining OS (SMOS) is a HiveOS alternative - easy to use Plug&Play Linux Mining OS Platform for cryptocurrency GPU mining. It is much easier than HiveOS and yet powerful. The support in is known to be best from all OS'es according to our customers. Our pricing is much better than competition. You can start using for free and see for yourself

Compare SimpleMining vs HiveOS

Cloud dashboard
Overclocking & undervolting
Subuser access
Telegram Notifications
Plug&Play Linux mining OS
Custom mining clients
Bulk actions on multiple rigs
Easy switching between multiple rig settings in browser like tabs
Live Rig Console inside dashboard
Rig details, console, settings on single page
Fast dashboard and rig response time
Free Trial
30 days with all features for one rig
1 rig for free but only on HiveOS pool
History graph
365 days
30 days
Guaranteed refund of unused funds
24/7 technical support


(first month per rig)

1 - 49 rigs$2.00$3.00
50 - 99 rigs$1.80$2.70
100 - 249 rigs$1.60$2.40
250 - 499 rigs$1.40$2.10
500 - 999 rigs$1.20$1.80
1000 - 1999 rigs$1.00$1.50
2000 - 4999 rigs$0.80$1.50
5000+ rigs$0.50$1.50