News about SimpleRigResetter
11.01.2017 - First batch of SRR Boards arrived, production First batch is in progress.
21.12.2016 - We have final production unit and we updated photos of it, also prices, times etc :)
01.12.2016 - Updated prices and added info about cables and power supply.
27.11.2016 - Announcment and waiting for feedback from users
27.11.2016 - We are making some photos and video of device
20.11.2016 - We have working hardware and started programming
FEATURES OF Simple Rig Resetter - Info, Photos, Video

Few words about device:
RigResetter is a CUSTOM HARDWARE DEVICE which will autoreset freezed/crashed mining rigs that doesnt respond.
No more wasting time and driving to different locations in order to reset stupid rigs !!!
We have 8 years experience in creating very similar devices for big companies ! so its not our first device if someone asks...

Main Features of SimpleRigResetter:
- it can manage up to 8 PC rigs each individually ofcourse + extra 2x24 rigs with 2 extension packs - read below))
- it will automatically RESET freezed/crashed rig
- basic web interface: check status of each rig (is it ON or OFF), turn rig ON, OFF or RESET
- supports Windows and Linux rigs
- we use optical transistors so each rig is isolated for safety
- there is no power limit for rigs as we dont transfer power but only short power pins

Extension PACK:
In near future February/March there will be also available compatible extenders
Supported rigs: +24
Max extension packs to one board: 2
(so 8+24+24=54 total for one set)
Requirement: You need to have SimpleRigResetter and connect to it to get Extension packs working

How it works:
All Instructions will be included via PDF.
First you will need to connect SimpleRigResetter to motherboard of each rig (2 Power pins and 2 LED pins).
Then you will need to install small software in windows or linux script and set up SimpleRigResetter MAC and port that this rig is connected to.
This windows/linux agent software will send every few seconds small keepallive packets to SimpleRigResetter telling "I am allive, please dont reset me"
In my SimpleMiningOS there will be special fields to fill in dashboard near each rig to get this working even more simple :)
When RigResetter wont receive few keep allive messages within 90 seconds it will restart rig automatically.
You will also be able to enter SimpleRigResetter web interface and do all things manually like turn off/on/reset etc ...

How to Buy ?
PREORDERS of SimpleRigResetter will be opened somewere between 11-16 January 2017

NORMAL STOCK of ExtensionBoards will be available March 2017

Note: You can manage 56 rigs when you buy 1x SimpleRigResetter and 2x ExtensionBoard

SimpleRigResetter (SRR)
Supported rigs: 8 rigs (without extension board)
Supported extension boards: 2
Price for board+Power supply: preorder 75$ (stock 95$)

Extension Board (EB)
Supported rigs: +24 addonitional rigs
Price for Extension Board: 99$
Cable for EB: cable between SRR and EB is free and you can choose lenght 10-100m

Cables for Rigs:
You need to connect each rig to SimpleRigResetter/extension board
You can choose quantity and lenght of cables.
1x 2m cable = 2,5 $
1x 3m cable = 3 $
1x 5m cable = 3,5 $
1x 7m cable = 4 $
1x 10m cable = 6 $

Price Economic: 25$ (15-30 days)
Price Courier: 85$ (3-10 days)
Time (preorders): 1-28 February 2017
Time (stock): February/March 2017
Warranty: 24 months for boards only (power supply and cables dont have warranty)
Discounts: Only for one time orders 5+ devices.