News about SimpleRigResetter
06.03.2017 - We have prototype of Extension Board(will be available in first week of April)
10.02.2017 - First fast made manual, tool and agent is available
06.02.2017 - Shipping of orders started
24.01.2017 - Shipping Rates for World Wide is configured (most countries)
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Few words about device:
RigResetter is a CUSTOM HARDWARE DEVICE which will autoreset freezed/crashed mining rigs that doesnt respond.
No more wasting time and driving to different locations in order to reset stupid rigs !!!
You will be also able to manage this manually by Windows application (see video)
We have 8 years experience in creating very similar devices for big companies ! so its not our first device if someone asks...

Main Features of SimpleRigResetter:
- it can manage up to 8 PC rigs each individually ofcourse + extra 240 rigs with 10 extension packs - read below)
- it will automatically RESET freezed/crashed rig
- supports Windows and Linux rigs
- Windows Tool which will allow you to manage all rigs from it (see video)
- basic web interface: check status of each rig (is it ON or OFF), turn rig ON, OFF or RESET
- we use optical transistors so each rig is isolated for safety !
- there is no power limit (watts) for rigs as we don't transfer power but only short power pins !

How it works:
Manual is available in PDF.
First you will need to connect SimpleRigResetter to motherboard of each rig (2 Power pins and 2 LED pins).
Then you will need to install small Agent software in windows or script in linux and set up SimpleRigResetter MAC and port that this rig is connected to.
This windows/linux agent software will send every few seconds small keepallive packets to SimpleRigResetter telling "I am allive, please dont reset me"
When SimpleRigResetter wont receive few keep allive messages within specified (default 90 seconds) - it will turn of and turn on rig automatically.
In my SimpleMiningOS there will be special fields to fill in dashboard near each rig to get this working even more simple :)
You will also be able to access SimpleRigResetter via web interface and do all those things manually like check status, turn off/on/reset etc ...
Beside nomrmal reset function, there is also Slow Reset function which powers down rig for more time (like 5 minutes) and then it turns it back on
Sometimes like 1-5 % rigs need to reboot via this technic.

SimpleRigResetter has a feature to upgrade firmware, so if we will release newer one with bug fix or new features, you will be able to flash it.
Flashing new firmware will be super easy simple in Windows Tool.
All future firmware are ofcourse free.

Instructions Manual PDF: SRR-manual-v4.pdf (2017.02.20)
SRR-Tool+Agent (windows): (09.02.2017)
SRR-Agent (linux): (20.02.2017)
SRR-Firmware: v1.2 (all boards already have it)
How to Buy ?
Online store:

Note: You can manage 248 rigs when you buy 1x SRR and 10x EB

SimpleRigResetter (SRR)
Supported rigs: 8 rigs (without extension board)
Supported extension boards (EB): up to 10
Price for board: price 95$
Power supply: You can buy from me or by yourself in your local store
Cables for rigs:2-10m for 2,5-6$ Availability: You can order now

Extension Board (EB) - development in progress
Supported rigs: +24 addonitional rigs
Price for Extension Board: Price 170-200$ (rj9 slots and cheaper cables)
Cable for EB: 10-100m
Max extension packs to one SRR board: 10 (so 8 + 24*10 = 248 rigs)
Requirement: SimpleRigResetter
Cables for rigs: 2-10m for 1,3-3$ (and ability to use own rj9 cables)
Availability: Propably end of March 2017

Available countries: World Wide (at least most of countries :)
Current Options: 20-100$ (3-30 days) depend on priority, country and WEIGHT
Near future: 10-100$ (3-30 days) I will add slow but economic options
When you will create your set, you can calculate your shipping rate and see available options. Its based on weight so pick shorter cables !.
Prepare time: Paid order is sent within 1-4 days
Warranty: 24 months for boards only (power supply and cables doesn't have warranty)
Discounts: Only orders above 600+ $